Can you color match with fabric?

I think it is no secret that I love paint, and looking a new colors and how I can add them to our home. I actually had to create a section in our basement to store all the great colors that I acquired this year!!

Anyway, with all the brands of paints that I have tried this year, for latex paint I really enjoy working with Sherwin Williams. I am impressed with their quality, coverage and willingness to help the customer.

So this fall I fell in love with this fabric for the laundry room and it became the starting point for the redesign. It had the yellow of our current walls and the grey that pulled and tied into our newly painted hall/mud room.

Color of the cabnet web

I wanted to pull one last color from the space and that was the turquoise/teal color that is in the flower of this fabric.

I went down to our local Sherwin Williams store with my swatch. I was really impressed with how they recently matched Emma’s room color to help me out when I had some minor touch ups to do.

What I learned though is that you can’t color match paint with a fabric swatch. It has to be a flat surface.

2013-11-30 10.14.09

Material has too many ridges in it so the machine can’t get an accurate read.  Naturally, I was a little bummed, then the manager whipped out their color swatch book and off we went trying to match the color that way.

I have to say that we hit it pretty close. I went with a matte finish so the cabinets were not too glossy in the small space. I only had to buy a quart because I was only painting the two shelves and the cabinets. So all in all the paint really matched well in the room. It plays very well with the existing paint and with the fabric in the space.

So, for future reference you can definitely use fabric to inspire the color of a space you just can’t use it as a matching tool.