Fashion Friday – The Skinny Jean…my new BFF

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are going to enjoy this last weekend in October – I can’t believe it will be November next week…

So I don’t think it is any secret that I love to shop!! It is something I get from my Auntie! I went to stay with her when I was 12 for a week and she  showed me this awesome place called the mall.
I think the way you dress has a lot to do with your design choices in your home – if you tend to be more formal in your attire, you may be more traditional in your choice of furniture…..

I have noticed lately that my style is changing both from a furniture point of view and from a clothing perspective as well. I think one of the influences is that now that our offices for WC are virtual and we plan on keeping it that way for awhile I don’t have to worry about dressing up or buying high heels (though I do love a good pair of heels, don’t get me wrong).

As fall is approaching I am in the mood for jeans, a warm sweater and a good pair of ballerina flats. Since your design style is influenced from what is around you I thought a couple of times a month I would share a blog or two about my clothing style. I would say I am a traditional when it comes to the clothes that I wear, in my closet you will see items from Banana, J.Crew, Ann Taylor and a new one: White House Black Market.

As I get older and my body starts to change (not something I am crazy about) I really like how White House Black Market jeans fit and feel. I am a lover of the skinny jean or boot cut. When skinny jeans first came into style I was like – those are not for me – but boy was I wrong – I think I have about 7 pairs, all from the stores mentioned above and I would have to say WHBM have the best ones. Here is the link to the ones that I am in love with. Why the skinny jean is so awesome, you may ask you can dress is up or down, they go with anything.

Chernee VItello - Soccer mom outfit one

My style trend right now is to pair the skinny jean with a longer shaped sweater. Like here, or here, or here. I love Banana or J.Crew sweaters, they last forever and don’t seem to go out of style.

Grey sweater, shirt and scarf web

I tend to be a person that layers clothing since I am always cold. I tend to wear a solid or stripe shirt (for some reason patterns really don’t look good on me) and then layer with a great sweater and then throw on a scarf and finally some great flats…

My red flats web

Here is a look that I wore last week to Emma’s last soccer game – it was a cold one – I love to add a little fun to my outfits, so since I was wearing so much grey I threw on a little red with my shoes to add some depth. Just like in decorating you don’t want to be too matchy matchy with your clothes…

What is your sense of style – what stores do you like to shop in – are you a fan of the skinny jean?