Spring has Sprung! English Garden Themed Flower Pots

I love spring, and especially when spring feels like summer! This year as we started to do yard work I noticed how my front pots were starting to look a little shabby.


Since I am in the mood to spray paint anything that moves, I decided they needed a little touching up. I used this awesome new shade of black – with a hint of sparkle called hammered pain & primer in one, black.


Each year I change up the theme of my planters. The entrance to our house has a very high peak, but the front stoop is very narrow.  So instead of some outdoor chairs I have opted for 4 nice flowerpots instead to greet our guests.

I love the look of a Country English garden with the wispy flowers and pretty pops of colors. Last year I opted for a simpler design with less color and I really missed this look.

Since our house is shades of khaki, creams, with dark green shutters and door, I always choose bright colors in our flowers. This year Emma and I picked shades of purple and white with a hint of hot pink (I need to get that pink in whenever I can).

When I arrange a flowerpot I always start in the middle and work outwards, I like to include height in the center, which usually is a spike plant.



Then I like to put in some type of ivy, depending on the size of the pot I will put in 2 to 3 of the ivy, spacing them around the pot to fill in with other flowers.  I usually pick variegated ivy, it gives the arrangement dimension and it looks so pretty cascading down the edge of the pots.

Finally I add the rest of the flowers, alternating colors and texture throughout the pot.
















After the flowers are all arranged, I give the pot a good drink of water and then sit them up on the porch!




















I also added a nice lavender color swishy wreath to the door to tie in the English garden carefree look! Now the entrance to our house looks bright and cheery for our friends and family to come overcoat a nice barbeque!

Plants I used:

Petunia (they are the hot pink ones)

Snow Princess (they are the pretty pink ones)

Patina (is the fluffy purple)

Zinnia (are little daisy flowers)