2014 – Here We Come!



Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful evening. This is the first time since we had kids that Steve and I just hung out at home while we chaperoned our Son’s party. It felt a little weird at first, but we settled in and I ended up beating him at Gin Rummy by 250 points!

I think I feel neutral about 2013, but I have great hopes for 2014. Last year was a year for change – all for the positive, but it took some time to get there mentally. I decided to move the company to a virtual model and dissolve our 1600 square foot space – great space – wrong location. That was an awesome move and I love working virtual and at home so I can balance my day better and be able to help the kids with homework when they get home. Because of the office closing, our house has been in flex moving and getting rid of office equipment etc… thankfully my family has been very patient and finally, thanks to my sister and brother in law, we have an organized garage that does not look that a never ending garage sale waiting to happen.

With all the reflecting that I have done over the last couple of months – here are some goals that I have for myself this coming year.

1). Stay present…I am a TYPE A person and I sometimes get caught up in the shuffle, I need to learn to be more in the moment.

2). Walk, Walk, Walk – that was one of my goals for last year that I did not figure out how to fit in to the daily schedule – but this year – it is a must – whether it is by myself, with the Hubby or a good friend, my mind always feels better after a good walk.

3). Not to worry as much – I am a worrier – not a good quality to have – I worry about everything, so I need to learn how to worry less. 

4). Not concentrating on the negative, when you work in sales this is hard to do, but many positive things happened last year…so that is what I need to think about.

5). Paint more, I love to paint, the furniture does not yell back, I love making something old look new again. Need to find a place to paint in the winter.

6). Write at least 4 blogs a week, that was my intention last year, but life got busy, so that is what I promise you all this year!

7). Challenge myself to keep doing and learning, this year I learned so much about blogging and editing photo’s and how to work on web site, and sew … it makes the mind stay healthy – even though I felt like throwing my computer a couple of times.

8). Everything in your house has a place; I need to get better at organizing. I got lazy last year, and did not always put away items as fast as I should have, I like a house to feel like a home, not a museum, but I do like things in their place, so I need to do better in this area.

9). Try to stay ahead of the game, I felt many times with all the kid’s activities and the ever evolving schedule that I was constantly behind the eight ball, so I am learning to be more flexible and try to stay ahead of the curve.

10). Family time, as the kids get older, and the Hubby travels as much as he does, I truly miss family time and we now have to plan it, so I want to make more family time, I love when we can sit down and eat together, laugh together or just hang out once in awhile.

11). Better meals, I wish I had someone that would plan our meals and then the kids would not complain about what I made. This year better meal planning and less eating out!

So I know this is a healthy list, some of the items I have already in motion and others it is a total mindset change. But I love my schedule where I can work from home, find times to be creative and be there for my family all at the same time….Here is to a wonderful 2014!