Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…….

I do have to say I do love a good mirror – in my book you can never have enough around the house – they are a great “go to” piece when you are decorating a room. A mirror makes a small space feel larger, it creates light in a darker room and it can add more art when needed – it is multifunctional.

Summer mantel full view web

Today there are so many mirrors to choose from it can be overwhelming. I have had this cute shabby chic mirror above our mantel for the last year, it was not my intent to keep it up there that long – but it seemed to fit for that period of time. But as I said before, much to my hubby’s chagrin, I like to switch things up a bit from time to time and it was time for a new mirror above the fireplace.

In my head I was considering 3 different types of mirrors – an antique inspired gold mirror: 1, because I love vintage and 2, it would be different, and I love the addition of gold in the space – like the candlesticks that I found at Homegoods (they still made the cut on the mantel) and I was not sure if I wanted something a little more formal.

Whole view of the mantel with flowers web

The second choice was a starburst mirror – I think they are whimsical and fun – when the Hubby and I first started out some of the first prints we had were of the stars…

Then I was thinking of something with a lot of texture like a wooden mirror that was made of drift wood – or a sunburst mirror made out of wood….to add a little more texture to the room.

I considered ordering a mirror online – but I was a little nervous about it showing up broken – I don’t know about you but I don’t need 7 years of bad luck…So that ruled out anything that I found online or Esty. I could not find anything I liked at Homegoods, PierOne, TJmax or Marshalls which are great places to look if you need a mirror.

Mirror over mantel web
So finally one day I walked into Kirkland’s and found the perfect mirror. It was a starburst of sorts – but a nice muted metal color of gold and silver – which I thought would do two things – add a little bit of gold to the room without saying “here I am! look at me! Vegas baby!!” but also add some nice texture to the fireplace.

Mantel from the left web

I found the mirror for $119 dollars which I thought is not bad for this type of mirror and what I like about Kirkland’s is they have this great app called Spin to Win that you play on your phone for a percentage off your price – so I saved another 10% off the mirror.

Closeup of the mirror web

I mixed and matched the mantel piece to coordinate with the mirror, I kept the gold candlesticks to bring out the gold in the mirror, and to balance that I added a brown candlestick at the other end to soften the look. I also think greenery really adds a good element to any area that you are decorating so I added this cute green plant and an antique bird in green as well.

Owl and Bird on Mantel - gold mirror web

I had to keep my white owl, who I love and he has a little bit of gold as well. I think that even though the pieces don’t traditionally go together they blend very well on the mantel. I am happy with the way it turned out!

Whole room from the stairs

I have been working at the kitchen table lately and the mantel is in view – I love to glance up and see all the elements working together – it just makes me happy.

Have a great Wednesday Everyone!



Goodbye Stripes! Hello Floral Curtains!!


Hi Guys – hope you are all having a great Mother’s Day weekend. We had the whole family over and it was a perfect weather day to sit outside and just hang out! Where did April go?  Time is going by way too fast and April was filled with many events. We took a well deserved vacation with my family – which was a blast – it was so nice to defrost on the beach after such a long winter.

I was also  able to get some projects finally done around the house, which felt awesome!  I was even able to paint some furniture outside – which felt like that would never happen again after this long winter!

We had some great friends of ours visit last week – which put the pressure on to do some projects around the house before their visit.

Stripe curtain family room

The first one I wanted to share with you all is that I updated the curtains in our great room – I have wanted to do this for some time. I think the stripe curtains were over 12 years old. Though I loved them – the stripes were getting kinda of dated. Since I added the brown and lime green curtains to the living area – it really has brightened up the room – which was feeling a little bit dark.

Then in February I replaced the dark leather ottoman with the two toned coffee table to add a little bit more depth and color to the space. It is holding up awesome and the kids don’t even miss sitting on the ottoman.

Over the winter I was stalking various fabrics on-line in the process of trying to find the right curtain fabric for the space. Should I go solid, pattern, color, geometric? I looked at everything.

I decided on this fabric from Joann’s. It is actually fabric that I have used before as an accent in our bedroom. I love the use of color and the fun floral pattern within the print. It has the brown for the sofas, and the lime green from the pillows.

Back window by TV Curtain panel

It is amazing how the landscape over the room has changed with the curtains, the room became warmer – not darker and less preppy as my Mom said with the stripes no longer being there.

Back window new curtains web

The curtains were really easy to make – for 4 panels at 84 inches in length I needed about 10 yards of material. I had a Joann’s coupon for 50% off so the panels were about $45 dollars a panel – for this type of material that is awesome.

Right side of bay window web


I used rings to hold the panels on the rods which are great to move the curtains back and forth – and I had the rings from the old curtains.

Bay window center new curtains


I think I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond – but you pretty much can buy them anywhere now. It took about an hour and a half to cut and sew the curtains together – which is just a Saturday morning and then you have a whole new look and feel to your room.



Do your Kitchen Chairs have to be ALL the Same?

I know I have been keeping my kitchen area kind of quiet over the last couple of months since I started this little blog. I really have not shared too many staged pictures of the space, actually none for that matter. For one – it is always a working zone – with computers, cooking and kids stuff getting ready for the next event.So I have been apprehensive to make it perfect for a photo shoot and then the kids come home and everything explodes.

Kitchen table upclose web
Anyway, one of the favorite items in my kitchen right now are my kitchen chairs – they are a mix and match set – who ever said that all your chairs around a table need to match? They did not in the house I grew up in and they don’t all match in my dinning room either.
We bought our kitchen table from Value City furniture about a year or so after we moved into this house, so it is about 8 years old. I loved the mix of woods and distressed cream legs of the table – and it is starting to show it’s age – as soon as it is warm enough this Spring the table is going to get a freshly stained top – can’t wait to work on that with my sister.
Anyway, the chairs that came with the table did not last the lovely day-to-day wear and tear of our house. So when I closed up our office space last year – I brought these chairs with me – I could not part with them.

the pierone chair web
So I have two parson chairs that I covered in this fun, bright lime pattern from Pier One. It was actually the very first purchase I made for our office that I redid a couple of years ago and was the starting point for the design theme. I love the pattern and the chairs are super comfy and they just make my kitchen bright and airy.

yellow vintage kitchen chair web
Then we have two vintage yellow canned back chairs that I found in one of my favorite stomping grounds. They were our conference room chairs at the office. I bought 6 chairs for 70 dollars at the time. They had this horrible material on the seat, but looking at the chairs – their make-up was sturdy and I knew with some great material they would clean up nice!

fabric for the chairs web
At first I was going to paint this chair a watermelon pink – but when I got them home the yellow really grew on me and I found this wonderful fabric that had all the colors of our space – greens, yellows and pinks that just went perfectly with the chair.
Reupholstry was real easy for this project as all you had to do was unscrew the seat – staple the material around the seat area and then screw the seat back in. You just need a couple yards of material to really add a new look and feel to your space.

the two chairs together web
So the moral to this story is that your chairs don’t have to match your tables, they don’t have to be all the same – having an eclectic mix adds depth and layers of texture and a fun story to your space.

another view of the pendants web

Remember a key to the success of any room from a design perspective is a piece or pieces that tell a story – my chairs sure do tell some great stories in my book!


Artwork in the Bath – To Bee or Not to Bee

Do you like the play on words?  I haven’t written a blog in a while so I am feeling a little sassy.  Last week before we left for Mt Snow I was struggling to find the right artwork for the bathroom.

bee print pier 1


The last picture you saw of the powder room I bought this cute rustic Bee print at Pier 1. I think I loved the burlap and the price but not really the actual picture. When I got it home, it was definitely the right size, but in my bathroom it seemed more rustic than what I was looking for. I really wanted something clean and crisp to go on the wall…spa like.

What got my head spinning is when I saw the post at Young House Love and Sherry picked out two prints from West Elm – I have always loved photos of flowers.



I liked the use of color and the simplicity of these photos. They look great in their kitchen and I was leaning towards getting the purple one but thought it would look better in a kitchen.

So I went to Art.com and started searching for a photo. I just typed in purple flowers….and then I got lost for about an hour of my life or so looking at way too many photos. I came across this series and really liked the clean fresh look of the photo as well as the punch of color that it had.



My original plan was just to buy the print and then I would try to frame it but of course they have a button you can hit and this magical frame appears and naturally, loved how it looked. I went with a white mat and frame to blend into the wall so the print just kinda of floats. It was $129 dollars but I did get 25% off. Rarely do I buy a print that costs this much – I usually find something at Homegoods – but I already did two runs for prints and was having no luck. So my impatience got the best of me.

flower on the wall powder room web

The print arrived before our trip – so glad because we ended up staying longer and I did not want it to sit outside. I look’s great – the colors look wonderful in the space, it has just enough gray in the print as well to blend nicely with the Crushed Ice on the wall. The frame looks great too and I don’t think I would have been able to do it as nicely so I am glad I went that route as well (it probably would have cost me just as much).

So one more item to check off my list, the powder room (for now) is complete – still on the lookout for a great mirror…but hopefully I can be patient with that purchase.

Have you ever used Art.com – how did you like your experience? I love buying prints – but sadly my walls are mostly used up!




Bringing some of the Outside In…..

I don’t know about you but I am ready for this Arctic freeze to change direction and go home! I don’t remember it being this cold ever….Luckily our house is insulated well and we are nice and toasty warm….but still it is a negative 6 degrees outside today.

Since it has been so cold I have been craving signs of Spring to have around the  house. Last week I went on a Homegoods run and they had some great artificial plants available for the picking. If you follow me on Instagram you could of seen my shopping cart fulled with plants. Even though I can arrange flowers, for some reason I have a hard time keeping plants alive inside. So, I opt for really good artificial plants to accent the house.

plant by chair web

I noticed this tall plant, I loved the variegated leaves and it was the perfect height to hang out in our bay window.

plants w the chest web

Then I came across this awesome duo. I just love this plant, my girlfriend had one similar that I have always admired.

One of the house plants homegoodsSo of course I only bought one, got it home found the perfect spot for it and realized I needed another. Luckily one of my good friends was heading in and saved my butt and picked up another plant for me.

plants on top web

another view of plants

I just love how they look on top of our entertainment center. It really needed some green up there.

plamy on coffee table

Finally I found this nice little number which sits on top of the coffee table. I love the container and it is just the right height to sit on top of the coffee table. It does not obstruct the view at all. So for $90 dollars I changed up the view around our living room and brought a little bit of the outside in…..

Do you prefer real plants to artificial and where is your favorite place to buy plants these days?  Are you counting down the days to spring?   I think there is about 50 days left….I know I am counting!

50 Shades of Gray…….

OK – I am sorry, I know an over used title, but I could not resist. Even though I think I am one of the few people in America that did not read the series.  I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was another cold one in my neck of the woods and for about an hour a blizzard with whiteouts went through our area….

I got a lot done this weekend which felt great – and even got some painting done which felt even better – more on that later.

So, if you can guess based on the title, I am going to paint our bathroom a couple of shades of gray. I did not realize that there were so many shades of gray out there. I love the color gray for clothing and wear it often, especially in the winter – there is nothing like a nice pair of gray slacks or a light gray sweater for a staple in your wardrobe – but I have to be honest, up until late I never really loved gray for home decor.

another view hallway web

So what caused the change of heart? I think the big push for me was painting our mudroom Sparrow by Benjamin Moore, I did not realize how much gray made up the color Sparrow, for some reason it looked more green to me at first. But now there is a battle going on in that wing of our house between the Sage in my bathroom and the Sparrow in my hall.

view laundry hall web

Since I went bold in my hall –  and very bright and cheery in the Laundry room, I feel that the powder room should be more tranquil in nature. Thus why I decided to go gray, because who knew gray would now be considered a neutral?

So I started my search out on Pinterest. Just typing in “gray powder room” and then started looking all of the options. I definitely am steering more to the lighter shades of gray vs more of the dark tones, and since the mudroom hall is dark I wanted the bathroom to be light for balance.

So while searching I came across this picture by one of my favorite designers Emily Henderson. It was a picture of a bedroom she designed for this series on her blog that I loved called the Curbly Family House makeover. She worked on various room’s in the couple’s house and painted their bedroom Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams. I remember loving this room and the giant wonderful gold mirror. I love how Emily brings in vintage furniture and simple design to a space.


Then I went through the whole series again and saw this other awesome color called Aloof Gray that she used in their living room. There is something about this space that I just love – I would love to have elements of this space in my house  – I just love the round coffee table and the color on the wall is so neutral you would never know it was gray – aren’t these rooms to die for – can’t you see your self living in these spaces? (sorry for some reason the image would not load).

I have to say I love Pinterest. I think it is a great resource to search for ideas. I love that I can see how other people are using the item or color in a way I would like to do and it either reinforces the idea or lets me know I need to move in another direction.

So last Monday morning I got up and decided to try a couple of grays out on my wall to make sure that I was comfortable with my selection. I had a couple of different shades of gray left over from other projects I used this summer. So up on the wall the following colors went.

Bathroom Color choices Sherwim Williams web

          Serious Gray      Colorado Gray   Comfort Gray    Crushed Ice    Aloof Gray.

  • Serious Gray was to dark – but love this color for an accent piece in a room – I painted a dresser this color this summer.
  • Colorado Gray was too blue – but both of the boys loved this color the best.
  • Comfort Gray again is a nice accent color and also would not mind it maybe on a lower half of a room if the room was bigger.
  •  Crushed Ice is lighter and I thought if I painted the room all this color it might be too white against the beadboard. So I thought I would paint the top half of the wall the crushed ice and then the beadboard section Aloof Gray.

So I am very excited to get started on the room. I have ordered the beadboard wallpaper from Lowes and it should arrive hopefully by Wednesday of this week. I have read online that you can’t wallpaper over semi-gloss paint so I have to research that tomorrow. Just in case, I picked up a quart of primer at Sherwin Williams today to paint the walls with it this week. The thing is we have our annual Superbowl party this week so I hope I can get the room done – if not our guests are going to see a spotted bathroom.

Have you ever painted gray in your house – what is your favorite shade of gray? I have to say the this color is growing on me – it is starting to show it’s face in other rooms of the house as well…you will just have to see where later J

Have a great Monday folks!

It’s Changing…..Deal With It!

“Mom you are not changing the bathroom again, are you? No, please tell me no!” Then Peter walked away, muttering under his breath “stop changing the house.” Peter is so funny – he is just like his Dad in that he does not like change.

Powder room before

So what does this mean? Yesterday during my day off I decided to try out a couple of sample colors I had from previous projects on our powder room wall. As you  can see from my 2014 to do list I would like to do a couple of things to our downstairs bathroom:

1). Update the color. Since I painted the hallway this summer the color sparrow, it now clashes with the color in the bathroom. The light sage does not go with the grey undertone of the paint. As I mentioned awhile back I thought sparrow had more of a green undertone but it turns out it was grey.

2). Add beadboard. I was originally going to do wood but after more research and the size of the room I will be doing the beadboard wallpaper instead with a wood trim about half way down the wall. Since my sister is in school I might have to wait on the border for a while and just go ahead and paint the space.

Lights and mirror poweder room

3). Paint the existing mirror or find a really fun vintage mirror.

4). Change out the existing light. I found this cute light at Lowes online. I got a gift card from the holidays from Lowes and it is burning a hole in my pocket so I will give it a try.

5). Find a nice area rug for the space. Either in a grey or lavender color. The only issue is the mat on the rug has to be very thin.

curtain in the powder room

I am leaving the cute little curtain that I bought at Kmart many years ago. I love the crystal fringe on it and it goes so well in the space.  I will also keep the current accessories.  I love them!

Powder room from anther perspective

So what color or shades of color do you think I am going with in the bathroom?

How to Upcycle your Existing Curtains

Happy Friday Folks, we made it through another week!! I love that the weather in my area has taken a little bit of a break – so nice to be able to get some errands done and not have to worry about when the next snow storm is coming.

Chair one and Chair two

So yesterday I asked you guys for your help in picking out which chair I should use in our guestroom. Have you ever seen the game in magazines where you have two pictures of the same thing (excluding the chairs) and you have to pick out what has changed? Were you able to figure it out?  If you guessed the curtains you would be right on the nose!

I first bought these curtains when we moved into our house. They were from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love the color, but they are linen, which makes them really see-thru and they do not block out a lot of the morning sun. Our bedroom has so many windows (3 large ones) and I did not realize that there would be so much light.  I ended up taking them down but I am very glad that I kept them. They have been used by other folks in the meantime.

Last year when I decided to lighten up the guestroom, I had heavy, silk striped blue/grey curtains up on the windows.  Though they were awesome – they did make the room very dark. So I decided to give the old ones another whirl and add a little texture to the room with the linen material.

Chair number 2 web guestroom

I liked how they looked but felt they were missing something. One day I was surfing on pinterest and came across this post on how this blogger upgraded her curtains by stenciling them. Here is the link to her post.

This was about the time when I was on my stenciling craze. Ok, I still am…Lights went off in my head; I saw hearts and heard music playing!  Anyway I went onto Royal Designs web site and found this cute stencil, called the Bari J that I thought would not look too big on the curtains. As usual it came quickly in the mail.

Here is what you need:

Chalk Paint – I love to use Annie Sloane and I used Old White for the project.

Small paint roller – I just got this one from Wal-Mart worked just fine.

A Liner for the table or surface you want to paint the project on.

Your stencil.

So I actually did this project in November. I got up early and in my typical Type A fashion decided to go for it and give it a try. For the first curtain, it went really well.

curtain before stencil web

You just start in the most upper corner and start your pattern. I decided to do an up and down pattern.

close up of the stencil curtains web

Start with one flower up, move down the curtain and the next flower down. So I worked across then down the curtain and the pattern worked out fine. When I picked up the curtain I did not realize that the paint would seep through the material – really a silly mistake.

the table after 1st panel web

So the next time around I used a drop cloth because it took about 20 minutes of some good scrubbing to get all the paint off the table. Thank God it was chalk paint and water takes it right up.

finished panel guestroom

Once complete on the pattern, I just hung them right back up – the beauty of chalk paint is that is dries really fast and creates a distressed look, which I wanted anyway.

stenciled curtains guestroom web

So I also found similar curtains to these in  Ballard Designs these curtains go for $150 to $190 dollars a panel, I upcycled these curtains for under $25 dollars for all 4 panels, which included the cost of the stencil and the roller. I had the paint already from other projects.

downward look on the chair web

Guestroom chair from the left

The added white to the curtains adds even more texture to the room that this space was lacking – I often feel that something in a corner needs a pattern.

closeup of the accent table

Don’t be afraid to see what you can do to your existing items in your room, it can totally change the feel.  Be bold and take a risk!

Have you ever upcycled curtains in your home, whether it be adding some fringe, or shortening them for another room, or adding another piece of material? There are a lot of options so don’t be afraid to be creative!

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Salvaged DIY Whites

Musical Chairs

So our guest room wall is now in motion – and it is a sunny day so hopefully that lasts all day. On the news yesterday they said that January in Upstate NY is one of the most grey months of the year. Though I am starting to like grey as a color on my walls I am not so much liking it in the sky overhead…

So here is the second area that I am struggling with in our guest room. I have created a little reading nook in the corner of this room. I used to have an awesome chair there but I have moved that into our bedroom now that we changed the color scheme. So I am not sure which chair I should keep.

Guest chair my wicker web

Chair number One is an antique piece that my parents got for me when I turned 13. It used to reside on a beautiful front porch of a local bed and breakfast 2 towns over. So it has special meaning to me. My mom made cute penguin seat cushions for me (since penguins are my favorite animal.) I like the size of the chair but feel that it might not have the height I need for the corner of the room. It is a low rider for sure.

I have updated the cushions to this nice premier fabric that I bought on Etsy last year. I was actually going to make this fabric into pillows for the room – but I needed more of a white background than a cream. Then I just added more pillows for the back. What are your thoughts for the chair – would you want to plop down and read a book?

Chair number 2 web guestroom

The second option is a chair I bought from one of the local Vintage stores. I purchased it for my office as an occasional chair for $10 dollars. It is probably from the sixties. I just had to give it a good old dose of spray paint and it was good as new. It sits higher than the first chair, notice though they are both wicker – are you catching on that I love wicker…J But it is kinda of tiny and looks small in the corner too. I think it would look really cute in Emma’s room once she gets older…right now it would last 2 days with her as she bounces around the room.

Chair one and Chair two

What are your thoughts, if you came into the room, which chair would you want to see?  The first option is more comfortable, but the second one you don’t feel like you are sitting on the floor in the room…Also, can you tell me what has changed in the room over time?

Filling up the Bare Wall…

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope your week is going well. Don’t you feel like Christmas was like six months ago?  It is amazing how quickly we have to switch gears and we are on the move again with a new year….

Icing on the cupcake sign web

So last week one of our readers made a request on how to create a distressed sign. I decided to make a sign for our guestroom, which is a room that I have not really blogged about before – but look out – here comes a couple of posts about this space.

This is one of the rooms in our house where I feel I have not gotten quite right to be honest. I love our headboard that we found last year on Craigslist – awesome. I love the awesome fabric I found to make my favorite pillows for the space – you have to love the envelope pillow…but there are a couple of areas that just have not come together. Does that ever happen to you as you are putting together a space?

Guestroom before web

One of the areas that never felt finished was the large outer wall when you walk into the room. I love the vintage wallpaper piece that I found in the room, the shape of the print really requires it to be in the center of a wall. But the wall is rather big and the print looked out of place.

close up of print web

So I decided to build around the print with additional fun pieces that mean something to the Hubby and I and our guests. Thus the creation of the sign…fun…something personal to me, because I LOVE cupcakes and I am really loving gold accents this year.

Our wedding and date web

To build on that theme I added a fun sign with the year Steve and I got married, as well as my favorite photo from our wedding day, that my dear friend took.  Isn’t it cool?  It is shot through the bubbles we had when we left the church. I think I will need a bigger frame, but it will due for now.

right side of wall web

I found this really cute clothes rack with great vintage knobs on it from Homegoods that picks up the colors in the room:  pinks, creams, taupes and golds. Finally I added a photo of flowers in a gold frame to add a little bit of solid gold to the area. The wall is not quite done, I would like to add a letter V to the wall for our last name and maybe one more small print…I will have to be on the search for that.

Guestroom wall done web


I love putting together feature picture walls.  I have a couple throughout my house; they just add a little bit of history to a space within your home. Do you have picture feature walls in your home, what elements do you use to bring the wall together?