About Chernee

famphotoHi, I am Chernee, and I live in Upstate NY with my hubby Steve, our two kids and our dog Linus. I own a Technical Recruiting Company by day and love to decorate and shop by night! When I am not balancing two teenager’s schedules….

I grew up with two DIY parents. They restored an 1828 house and I grew-up with them painting, refurbishing furniture, pulling down walls and lath and trying to make the old look new again. We call my Mom “Fix-it Franny” because she can fix anything! Keep an eye out for future guest-posts from our resident expert!

Though I am not handy like my parents, I do love the idea of taking something old and transforming it to something beautiful and new. Decorating is a hobby of mine. I love dreaming up ideas in my head and seeing them come to life.

Along life’s journey my Hubby and I have built two homes, flipped two homes, restored two offices and I helped out those who need advice with paint color, staging or decorating thoughts and ideas. I love fabric. I could live in an upholstery store and live happily ever after. My kids and I love collecting paint chips and dreaming up what we are going to paint next, I enjoying creating relaxing corners in my home!

As I mentioned we are on our second home. Though it was a custom build, I have not had time to really take the house to the next level…plus it has been eight years since we moved in and I would like to make some improvements. When you build a house you are making so many decisions at once, you are bound to make a mistake or two – or over time styles and you change.

So I have decided over the last couple of months that I need to start carving out some creative time in my life. My job is creative but in a different way.  I love working with my hands and turning something tired and dated into a pretty, useable object in my home.

This blog is a journey of my returning to the creative side of me. You will see me buying new power tools, sewing machines and helping me learn as I go! Luckily Fix-it Franny is an excellent seamstress and handy person. My sister Jamie is too, so they will be my sidekicks for a lot of these projects as I learn how to do some of the stuff I have not attempted before. I look forward to going on this journey with you as I further explore decorating and style and how to make a house a home!

I am a Type A personality – usually jumping in feet first and not looking back…Let’s see what we can learn together – I think it is going to be fun!



  1. Love it!!!! I look forward to trying some of your ideas – perhaps, even painting an old piece of furniture……that is really out of the box for me!!!!!
    Look forward to some more advice and pictures of your projects.

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your skill sets!!! Who knew this busy businesswoman had an interior decorating living within!!!! I am very proud of you (& know you are shocked that I am using technology!!) I love the blog-Well done & Congrats!! Beth G

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