Sassy Green Painted Bench

Do you love magazines as much as I do? I think they are a great source of inspiration – even though Pinterest is to die for…I still like the look and feel of a catalog.

picture of magazine - bench

Do you get the magazine grandinroad? It is a great catalog for outdoor furniture and entertaining. When their Summer issue arrived way back when I fell in love with the Amalfi bench in Pesto – who does not like pesto? – it is awesome on pasta and in a Capri salad!  I just fell in love with the color.

inspriation bench


We inherited this wonderful wooden bench for the Hubby’s mom when she sold her house a couple of years ago.

unpainted bench

It has been a great place to sit and wait for a ride or to enjoy the sun shine. But it was starting to look a little weathered and needed some freshening up.


Bench painting supplies


So I went to my friends at Sherwin Williams to try to match this color – I think I did a great job! The color is Sassy Green – SW6416 – who doesn’t like the name Sassy Green?  What a great name for paint color!

I asked the Manager there what was the best paint to use for painting an outdoor bench and he suggested Emerald and I had them add the primer right to the paint.

So we brought the bench into the garage, I gently washed it up and cleaned off the dirt. Three coats later the bench has a new look and feel. I could have gotten away with 2 coats but since it was sitting outside I wanted to give a coat for good luck!

Front of our house

I love how bright and cheery the bench now looks and brings out the yellowish-green of the bushes in the background.

Close up of the new painted front bench

From the right side close up bench

All in all, time and money well spent – since the new bench would have been 200 dollars – I got a new bench for 23 dollars since the paint was on sale!!




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