The Ever Changing Guest Room…..

Do you have a room in your house that, no matter what you do, you never feel it is quite “done”? Sure, you have made a lot of changes, but you feel you could do better. I think my guest room is that room in my house where it never feels quite right….

the new nightstand web

In May we had our dear friends stay with us for a couple of days. They both were in our Wedding and we had such a great time – it was like we were back in college! Sometimes I miss those carefree days.

Anyway, in preparation for their arrival I wanted to make a couple of changes to the guestroom. Like getting new pillows and fixing up the side table by the bed – it was just the wrong color.

the before of the side table

I love the shape of this table – it was one of the pieces I kept from our office – it is Victorian I think – and I loved the gold accents…but the mustardy yellow did not really go with my white accents in the guest room – so I thought I would paint it white – I was not sure if I was going to use chalk paint or latex – but I had a feeling I wanted the look a little shabby chic – no surprise there!

The side table with journal white

So I went with Old White from Annie Sloane and then I distressed the piece with Gold craft paint – just rubbing it on in certain locations as well as taking a fine brush and roughly going over the edges with the gold paint. I wanted it to look eclectic and not perfect – not like I just painted it.

all the gold on the side table

I kept the same accessories as before on the little night stand – I think flowers on your night table just add a little something special to look at when you wake up.

 closer view of the table

I also changed out the shams for the bed, originally they were the same muted taupe color as the bedspread – but felt it was a little too matchy-matchy for me now.

Close-up of the pillows and shams

So at Target I purchased these cute white ruffle ones from their Shabby Chic line. They pick up on the white within the Euro shams I made which ties in so well with the room.

white ruffle pillow guest room


When decorating adding layers and mixing colors and patterns just add that bit of interesting detail to the room.

Upclose of the pillows

Have you been updating your guestrooms this summer?




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