Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…….

I do have to say I do love a good mirror – in my book you can never have enough around the house – they are a great “go to” piece when you are decorating a room. A mirror makes a small space feel larger, it creates light in a darker room and it can add more art when needed – it is multifunctional.

Summer mantel full view web

Today there are so many mirrors to choose from it can be overwhelming. I have had this cute shabby chic mirror above our mantel for the last year, it was not my intent to keep it up there that long – but it seemed to fit for that period of time. But as I said before, much to my hubby’s chagrin, I like to switch things up a bit from time to time and it was time for a new mirror above the fireplace.

In my head I was considering 3 different types of mirrors – an antique inspired gold mirror: 1, because I love vintage and 2, it would be different, and I love the addition of gold in the space – like the candlesticks that I found at Homegoods (they still made the cut on the mantel) and I was not sure if I wanted something a little more formal.

Whole view of the mantel with flowers web

The second choice was a starburst mirror – I think they are whimsical and fun – when the Hubby and I first started out some of the first prints we had were of the stars…

Then I was thinking of something with a lot of texture like a wooden mirror that was made of drift wood – or a sunburst mirror made out of wood….to add a little more texture to the room.

I considered ordering a mirror online – but I was a little nervous about it showing up broken – I don’t know about you but I don’t need 7 years of bad luck…So that ruled out anything that I found online or Esty. I could not find anything I liked at Homegoods, PierOne, TJmax or Marshalls which are great places to look if you need a mirror.

Mirror over mantel web
So finally one day I walked into Kirkland’s and found the perfect mirror. It was a starburst of sorts – but a nice muted metal color of gold and silver – which I thought would do two things – add a little bit of gold to the room without saying “here I am! look at me! Vegas baby!!” but also add some nice texture to the fireplace.

Mantel from the left web

I found the mirror for $119 dollars which I thought is not bad for this type of mirror and what I like about Kirkland’s is they have this great app called Spin to Win that you play on your phone for a percentage off your price – so I saved another 10% off the mirror.

Closeup of the mirror web

I mixed and matched the mantel piece to coordinate with the mirror, I kept the gold candlesticks to bring out the gold in the mirror, and to balance that I added a brown candlestick at the other end to soften the look. I also think greenery really adds a good element to any area that you are decorating so I added this cute green plant and an antique bird in green as well.

Owl and Bird on Mantel - gold mirror web

I had to keep my white owl, who I love and he has a little bit of gold as well. I think that even though the pieces don’t traditionally go together they blend very well on the mantel. I am happy with the way it turned out!

Whole room from the stairs

I have been working at the kitchen table lately and the mantel is in view – I love to glance up and see all the elements working together – it just makes me happy.

Have a great Wednesday Everyone!



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