Two Toned Furniture – With a Hint of Chalk Paint

Last week and into this weekend I really needed to get my painting on….you would have never guessed what happened Saturday night – we received yet another snow storm – I have lost count to how many we have actually had. But this winter feels like it is never going to end!!! Hopefully, spring is knocking at our door soon.

So since the weather was messy I decided to get some painting done. My TV area of my living room is rather eclectic. We have 5 tables in the area – and none of them match. We have two metal ones, a coffee table and then two accent tables.

Different views of of the tv room

So to bring a little more symmetry to the space – and since I fell in love with this two tone color combination that I have on our new coffee table, I thought it would be cute to paint the end table and accent table graphite and country gray…by Annie Sloane.

First Coat Annie Sloane

I truly have missed painting – it has been such a long winter – I will definitely have to find a place to paint for next year. And I forgot how great it is to work with chalk paint. It just goes on so easy to the furniture you are working with and the colors are truly awesome.


First I want to give a shout out to the Purple Painted Lady shop – they are located outside of Macedon,, NY and this is where I buy all my chalk Paint. Sometimes I do visit the shop but mostly I order online – and it comes within 3 days. I was having some issues with the graphite I bought last summer – for some reason it was going on differently than the other colors. I called Trish the owner – we were troubleshooted over the phone and realized something was wrong with the paint – without even asking Trish offered to send me a new gallon of paint at no cost to me. She has excellent customer service – always willing to help out or give advice on painting techniques and always sends a nice smiley face on the box! It makes my day!

Purple Painted Lady Box


The accent table first, I purchased this table at Homegoods this past summer for Steve – he needed a little table to put drinks and the remote on next to his big manly recliner. At first I painted it a pretty sage color but the table just got drowned out in the corner.

Black hat on top web

So I decided to paint the top graphite and the rest of the piece country gray by Annie Sloane. Since I wanted the graphite to be rich in color I did paint the top portion with three coats. Then I just put on one good coat of clear wax also by Annie Sloane.

close-up on the table


For the end table – which was one of the first pieces of furniture Steve and I bought right after we got married with the Wedding money – needed an update too. Again to look similar to the coffee table I again painted the piece graphite on top (3 coats) and country gray on the bottom.

end table finished web

The color country gray is really a milky cream in my book with a gray undertone – it is a great color to work with within the collection.


So now we have some similar but not too matchy-match tables in our TV room to balance out the electric feel.


What colors of Annie Sloane do you like to work with – do you ever paint furniture in a two toned look?