Do your Kitchen Chairs have to be ALL the Same?

I know I have been keeping my kitchen area kind of quiet over the last couple of months since I started this little blog. I really have not shared too many staged pictures of the space, actually none for that matter. For one – it is always a working zone – with computers, cooking and kids stuff getting ready for the next event.So I have been apprehensive to make it perfect for a photo shoot and then the kids come home and everything explodes.

Kitchen table upclose web
Anyway, one of the favorite items in my kitchen right now are my kitchen chairs – they are a mix and match set – who ever said that all your chairs around a table need to match? They did not in the house I grew up in and they don’t all match in my dinning room either.
We bought our kitchen table from Value City furniture about a year or so after we moved into this house, so it is about 8 years old. I loved the mix of woods and distressed cream legs of the table – and it is starting to show it’s age – as soon as it is warm enough this Spring the table is going to get a freshly stained top – can’t wait to work on that with my sister.
Anyway, the chairs that came with the table did not last the lovely day-to-day wear and tear of our house. So when I closed up our office space last year – I brought these chairs with me – I could not part with them.

the pierone chair web
So I have two parson chairs that I covered in this fun, bright lime pattern from Pier One. It was actually the very first purchase I made for our office that I redid a couple of years ago and was the starting point for the design theme. I love the pattern and the chairs are super comfy and they just make my kitchen bright and airy.

yellow vintage kitchen chair web
Then we have two vintage yellow canned back chairs that I found in one of my favorite stomping grounds. They were our conference room chairs at the office. I bought 6 chairs for 70 dollars at the time. They had this horrible material on the seat, but looking at the chairs – their make-up was sturdy and I knew with some great material they would clean up nice!

fabric for the chairs web
At first I was going to paint this chair a watermelon pink – but when I got them home the yellow really grew on me and I found this wonderful fabric that had all the colors of our space – greens, yellows and pinks that just went perfectly with the chair.
Reupholstry was real easy for this project as all you had to do was unscrew the seat – staple the material around the seat area and then screw the seat back in. You just need a couple yards of material to really add a new look and feel to your space.

the two chairs together web
So the moral to this story is that your chairs don’t have to match your tables, they don’t have to be all the same – having an eclectic mix adds depth and layers of texture and a fun story to your space.

another view of the pendants web

Remember a key to the success of any room from a design perspective is a piece or pieces that tell a story – my chairs sure do tell some great stories in my book!



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