You’ve Got Mail……….

My Hubby and I love to watch movies – he has an insane recall for movie lines and actors’ names.  I one day hope all this great knowledge will somehow bring us some type of income on Jeopardy or something….anyway…we are both a fan of Nora Ephron movies….do you remember the cute movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called “You’ve Got Mail”?

you got mail movie image                                                                                                                               Source

A couple of weeks ago when I was sick with my cold, it came on HBO and I so enjoyed seeing the movie again!  I also was struck by how much this movie introduced us to Vintage and French country décor.

First of all – I loved Meg Ryan’s hair in that movie – and I think I had it styled that way a couple of times…. Secondly, did you ever watch a movie and just say “boy, I wish I could live in that space”? That has happened to me a couple of times. The first time was when I saw “About last Night” with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore – it was an early 90’s movie and when I went to find images of the apartment to share with you I couldn’t find any online!  I guess that goes to show how old it is!

view of the you got mail apartment meg ryan                                                                                                                             Source

But I digress from “You’ve Got Mail”. I loved both Tom’s and Meg’s apartments in the movie for different reasons. Meg’s apartment was a prewar apartment I would say; a large studio with all this wonderful character and windows and nooks and crannies– who would not want such a quintessential NYC apartment?  I know I sure would!



The set designer filled it very eclectically with the Vintage rustic table in the kitchen – with the big white breadbox underneath – which of course I would love to have…. Then the rustic table in the eating area – with the cute flower love seat (which by the way was the material I used at one point in time in our master bedroom.)

Meg-Ryans-brownstone-in-Youve-Got-Mail-5                                                                                                                    Source

To the wonderful wall to wall bookcases, the use of old signs, to the free floating desk where she would sit to hear those classic words when email first came on the horizon (you’ve got mail).

Meg-Ryans-brownstone-in-Youve-Got-Mail-1                                                                                                                       Source

Do you remember logging on to see if anyone would ever email you back? – Or was anyone out there?  Have times changed, our kids will never know that feeling.  They will always have mail.

Meg-Ryans-brownstone-in-Youve-Got-Mail-6                                                                                                                     Source

Finally, the piece that I think really influenced my design and my love for French décor was her headboard in her room. I have always loved fabric headboards and hers had a fabric insert with wonderful details of wood. I loved how it fit the space and how the room seemed all eclectic and yet at the same time, flowed so well from one part of the space to another.

So after I watched the movie and looked around our bedroom – which probably is the most concentrated area in our house of French country, I see the influence in our headboard, the eclectic mix and match of furniture, the fresh light that Meg Ryan’s apartment had in the movie.


New master curtains setting area web

Oh to be a set designer – wouldn’t that be fun! What movies have influenced your design and had you ready to just want to crawl into the TV and curl up and read a book?


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