How to Pick the Right Pendant for your Kitchen

Last week I was so excited to share with you our new Pendants in our kitchen, I forgot to walk you through all the choices out there and how I narrowed down my decision. It can be overwhelming.

2014lights from above

I think when you are picking out light fixtures in your home you need to consider where they are going, how you use the space and what  mood you are trying to create.

Our kitchen is going to go through some major changes this year…from a look and feel perspective (I hope that is, if I get up the courage to do what I want to do.) Our kitchen is the main hub of our house, it is where I usually work during the day now, even though I have a home office, I love the light in this space. Emma does her homework here, we eat dinner here when we are home and it is just a gathering place when people come to visit.

view of the eating area kitchen web

So the mood in our kitchen is casual, with a little bit of funk in that our furniture in our kitchen is mix and match – modern with some vintage. From vintage yellow chairs paired with modern print parson chairs makes up our eating area. So I wanted something soft that would blend in when it came to lighting. Also, when you first enter our home you see right into our kitchen area, so I wanted something that looked good too.

Example of pendant light


From the beginning I was drawn to a drum shade, at first I was thinking wicker, since I love it so and have a wicker lampshade in our family room area which I just love.

wicker pendant lampshade




But since the color gray is starting play more within the space, I did not want to add too much brown to the area. Spoiler alert: the kitchen color is going to stay red, I think Peter will move out if I change it, and since I would like him to stay around, Brick Red by Laura Ashley is just going to get some freshening up later this year. So I thought linen or glass would be a good alternative for pendants.




I love the picture of this kitchen, but of course this lighting was $400 dollars a piece, leave it to me to always pick out expensive light fixtures, like the chandelier that I would love to add in our dinning room is only a mere $800 dollars, that is not happening anytime soon.

Since I already have a lot of silver in the space, I did not want the cord to be silver, I wanted to add another layer into the mix and sometimes silver feels cold in the area and I wanted to create warmth. Don’t feel that all your metals have to match within a space – mixing it up adds some dynamic to the room.

You also have to consider do you want more of a soft light or a brighter light? Since I was leaning more on a cascading look and soft light, a drum shades were a calling…To keep myself organized on what I liked for Pendants I created a pinterest board. That way they were all in one spot. Also, I would Google the type of light out on pinterest to see if someone else posted a picture with that said pendant in their space and see how it looked.

So finally I went with this shade and conversation kit from Home Depot. It was very reasonably priced at about $30 plus per pendant. The bronze metal really pops on the ceiling and complements the chalkboard door as well as anchors the eating area. I really was impressed with the quality of the shade as well as the lighting is actually better than when we had the canned lights. I did order a couple of more lights just in case I wanted some choices, but we opened these first and never looked back.

pendant light conversation pendant homedepot



So if you are in the market for pendant lighting I would check out Ballard Designs, HomeDepot, Potterybarn and Home Decorators and Lamplus. All great resources to find the right light for you. How do you go about picking lights for a space? Do you research, more gut feel or just go with what looks pretty?


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