The Color Gray is on the Move….

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I really don’t have much gray in my house. Love the color – but really have not used it in a decorating sense. Well that has sure changed.

rugs in the kichen web

So it all started around Christmas when my sister gave the Hubby and I each a runner for our Kitchen. With our lovely dog, Linus, runners last us about 1 to 2 years. These were from Ballard Designs and I loved the chevron print. They were $50 dollars apiece and I think she was able to get a 20% coupon as well… Any who I picked gray for the kitchen to tie in with the mudroom area and our chalkboard door (which is a very dark black) that I love. Even though in the mudroom I have the same runner in brown….

door open to the basement web

Since the chalkboard door is such a deep black – gray really is becoming a nice accent color in the kitchen to balance the richness of the door and the brick red on the walls.

old curtains kitchen web

Last year I was tired of the curtains in our kitchen, they were nice lined curtains for Pier1 with more jeweled color tones, they were great at blocking out the light from our patio door but made the room rather dark. So one day I bought these linen ones from Pier1 as well. They had that popular front print all over them but they were really thin and did not do a great job at blocking out the light, and our house is on the corner so as night people can look right into our kitchen. Watch out world!

sitting area logo ht

So since I loved how my upstairs bedroom curtains turned out, I thought I would give it a try and make lined curtains for the kitchen as well.

material for windows kitchen

I have been courting this material on for a while. I just loved the chain link pattern with the silver gray thread, so elegant but classic at the same time. I thought they would look awesome in the kitchen but the fabric was over $30 dollars a yard which would make each panel $70 a piece. Now I love a spurge but I was trying to be reasonable since my tastes change on a dime.  But I loved the fabric and decided to take the plunge and buy the fabric.

The material is just awesome!  I ordered 180 inches, which is about 5 yards. I was making the curtains about 84 inches from the curtain rod to the ground.Like last time I bought two creamed colored twin sheets, this time from Target because Wal-Mart was out – they were a little more expensive: about $10 dollars a piece.

ironing the sheet kitcen windows web

So what you do is take the sheets, give them a good iron to get the wrinkles out. Then line it up on the material that you cut to size.

sheet on mateiral kitchen web

I allotted 2 inches on the top and the bottom to turn over for my seams. Since the material is linen I did iron my seams before I sewed them so I would have a good edge.

folding material kitchen curtains web

Then you sew all the edges – ironing and measuring really takes the time – maybe about an hour for both panels. Sewing is the easy part you as you just sew straight lines. Since this patio door is the entrance and exit to our outdoor space I wanted to make sure the curtains easily moved on the bar – so I used curtain rings to hold up the curtains. They easily slide from one side to the other. I bought 2 packets from Wal-Mart in silver to use with the curtains and probably need to buy one more packet as well to give it more support.

antoher view of teh curtains web

curtains for a right angel web

So making lined curtains is really easy…nothing to be afraid of if you are a beginner sewer like myself.

full view of the windows web

The silver gray fits in really nicely into the space and works well with the runners we have in the kitchen.

view of table and curtains web

I know I have not really spoken much about our kitchen…. it is on the TO DO list this year for some major changes… I can’t wait to share some of my ideas with you!  I, by some miracle, was able to get the hubby on board, now I need to work on Peter, who does not like change either.  Peter told me as long as the kitchen “stays red” he is OK.  We shall see………


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