Artwork in the Bath – To Bee or Not to Bee

Do you like the play on words?  I haven’t written a blog in a while so I am feeling a little sassy.  Last week before we left for Mt Snow I was struggling to find the right artwork for the bathroom.

bee print pier 1


The last picture you saw of the powder room I bought this cute rustic Bee print at Pier 1. I think I loved the burlap and the price but not really the actual picture. When I got it home, it was definitely the right size, but in my bathroom it seemed more rustic than what I was looking for. I really wanted something clean and crisp to go on the wall…spa like.

What got my head spinning is when I saw the post at Young House Love and Sherry picked out two prints from West Elm – I have always loved photos of flowers.



I liked the use of color and the simplicity of these photos. They look great in their kitchen and I was leaning towards getting the purple one but thought it would look better in a kitchen.

So I went to and started searching for a photo. I just typed in purple flowers….and then I got lost for about an hour of my life or so looking at way too many photos. I came across this series and really liked the clean fresh look of the photo as well as the punch of color that it had.



My original plan was just to buy the print and then I would try to frame it but of course they have a button you can hit and this magical frame appears and naturally, loved how it looked. I went with a white mat and frame to blend into the wall so the print just kinda of floats. It was $129 dollars but I did get 25% off. Rarely do I buy a print that costs this much – I usually find something at Homegoods – but I already did two runs for prints and was having no luck. So my impatience got the best of me.

flower on the wall powder room web

The print arrived before our trip – so glad because we ended up staying longer and I did not want it to sit outside. I look’s great – the colors look wonderful in the space, it has just enough gray in the print as well to blend nicely with the Crushed Ice on the wall. The frame looks great too and I don’t think I would have been able to do it as nicely so I am glad I went that route as well (it probably would have cost me just as much).

So one more item to check off my list, the powder room (for now) is complete – still on the lookout for a great mirror…but hopefully I can be patient with that purchase.

Have you ever used – how did you like your experience? I love buying prints – but sadly my walls are mostly used up!





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