Winter Break

Hey Guys!! Hope you are having a good week. You may be wondering where I have been this last week. Well, mid last week my silly cold returned with a vengeance which put me out for a good day or two and then we left for Winter break.

Vitello's heading out on vacation

We spent a wonderful time in this cute town of Dover, VT with great friends. It was truly a Winter Wonderland and some of the best skiing we ever experienced.

the mt snow resort

Have you ever skied on fresh powder snow? There is no other feeling. We went to Mt Snow and boy was this Mountain big!  It makes our mountains in upstate, NY look like molehills. The runs were long and winding just the way I like them.

Peter and I at Mt Snow

I only could ski one day because my rental boots did not fit well and I ended up aggravating my right shin.  It could also be that my Hubby fastened them too tight.  Another great thing about being at a large resort like this is there are some real “experts” working there who fit me with a great pair of new boots.  They felt fantastic and the guys working there really did a good job.  So, I am all ready to go the next time we ski.  I even bought a helmet, which is shocking because it did not seem like a good fashion move at the time, but they are invaluable for safety and very warm too!

We had a wonderful time catching up with old friends, eating great food and of course, drinking awesome wine. It truly was a great time.

Now I am looking forward to being home and getting back to daily life and looking forward to Spring!  If you see it anywhere, please send it my way!

What have you all been up to? Did you get away for the long holiday weekend?


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