The Powder Room got a little Ugly

When I started this blog one of my goals was to push myself to move out of my comfort zone and learn about working with power tools, new decorating concepts and to become a better DIYer….and share with you the good, bad and the ugly.

I think there is pressure as a new blogger to show the finished “perfect” result and maybe not share all the obstacles that happened a long the way. You are always striving for the perfect picture, or the right table scape etc… and even though I wish my table looked like that on a daily basis, more often than not it is covered with kids homework and a computer or two…But that is our life and I want our house to feel lived in…

Our kitchen table unstaged

So I promise you I will share with you all the good, bad and the ugly, and let me tell you this powder room redo did show some ugly parts along the way. I learned so much and now have a fresh outlook.  If I ever try hanging a chair rail again (and you know I will) it will be an easier experience.

So here is what happened.

So first off I was so proud of my self for being so organized with the project, I did a lot of research on line on what wallpaper I should purchase, reserved my Mom and Sister’s time to help with the areas that were out of my reach (hanging wallpaper, putting up the molding) but since the Hubby and I never put up molding up before  – I was a little naïve.

I purchased a nice piece of molding; it was the dimension I was looking for: about 2 inches in width with some nice decorative lines. I came home, primed and painted it and it was all ready to go. Right before my sister came over, Steve and I realized that I was a piece short, not a big deal – he ran over to our Mr. Seconds and picked up a new one. When my sister arrived on a Friday evening I came down with a horrible cold that afternoon – so to set the stage my head was in a cold fog. When my sister looked at the molding she noticed that the ridges or beveled edges on the piece were at different heights and would not sit flush on the wall. My sister knows me very well and said “Hey Cher – this is going to drive you nuts if it’s not going to lay flush on the wall ….” I am like “No, it will be fine, I will like it…” Famous last words….

We started making our measurements, Kleenex in hand, and then we put up our first piece – Steve was very excited about putting up the molding because he got to use the nail gun. He put about 15 nails in our first piece of wood that sucker was never going to move, and then Jamie started to talk to be about the light switches. I think the Electrician that did the work in our house was, how should I say this?…. creative   A lot of our light switches don’t make sense in the order that they turn lights on and sometimes seem a little random in location. Anyway I thought (and in my head it looked awesome) that the molding would fit right around the light switch panel beautifully, I did not want to go below them because I thought that would be too low. So we put up a piece of molding and with all the curves it looked HORRIBLE.

Now as I get older I think and I hope I am getting smarter, because in my 20’s I would of been stubborn and tried to make it work. Now in my 40’s (which means I am old) I called the project to a halt – even with the looming deadline of the Super bowl being in 2 days and folks might not be walking into a finished bathroom (that would have driven me nuts)

So Jamie, Steve and I – tissues in hand, went to the kitchen table and huddled up. I really appreciate their patience with me, and I let them know I need to find different molding. So luckily Jamie and her hubby where free the next morning.  Unfortunately, I was not, so Steve took the reigns and was the helper. That week had been mid-term week for the kids and I had promised them we would go to my parents pond to skate – we had an awesome time – it was great “slippery” ice that day.

Flat Modeling

I got up early and was at Lowe’s by 7:30 am and luckily they had the molding that I was looking for.  It was about 2 inches wide and completely flat on the back, it was exactly what I was looking for – the bummer was it was not primed and I did not have time to prime it before they would start hanging it.Paint line to fix 2

Once we got the molding fiasco fixed that caused a couple more problems, I hung the wallpaper too high, the night before as we were talking about the issue with the molding Jamie and I scored a small piece of the wallpaper off to see how easily it might peel off, luckily since it was so freshly put on it came right off. My sister being the nice person that she is, as the boys worked on the molding she went around with a sharp edge and lowered the wallpaper by about a ½ inch.  It was pretty easy to do – so that problem was solved!!

The last lesson I learned was that I should NOT have painted the upper wall – here I thought I was being so organized and efficient with my time, I did not realize (never hanging molding before) that it would require so many precise measurements. Which meant the Hubby really marked up my walls when trying to find the studs.  Even though some of the lines erased (he did use a pencil) Steve never does something small – it is either big or go home – so the marks were really hard to get rid of, which meant I would have to try to repaint the lines as well as the difference in the wallpaper line.

new angle of the powder room

I took a light sanding block and went over my paint edge to made sure there were no ridges before I tried touching up the line, bit once the paint when up it was easy to see where I still had glue on the wall that needed to come off.  So what I am going to have to do, someday when I have some time is really sand the portion of the wall close to the molding and then repaint that whole section. No one really notices it but me – but I really want the room to shine.

view from the hall powderroom

So even though this is a tiny powder room, I learned some very BIG DIY lessons. The room looks fantastic. The more and more I go into that room the more I love the color, the bead board wallpaper and how the room feels so calm and clean. Now only if I can find the right artwork for the space, more on that later – the Buzz print buzzed away.



  1. I love that you’re sharing what you learned! DIY is trial and error & it’s nice to hear I am not the only one that has to re-asses projects midway through!

    • Thanks Sarah – I am glad – I hope it is helpful to folks on what I learn along the way – much of these items are over my head – I am great with the decorating ideas – but not so good when it comes to the power tools….BTW – love the light – can’t wait to see it in the hallway.

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