A Homegoods Run

Good morning – I hope everyone survived the snowstorm on Wednesday that we were hit with in the NE. We ended up with about 10 plus inches of snow. Very grateful for the person who plowed my driveway for me while the Hubby is away.

On Tuesday, I decided to take a couple of hours and hit Homegoods and a couple of other stores before the snow hit. I new I would be going crazy by Thursday if I did not get out and about with the snow coming.

chair and new table fireplace

I hit it just right – Homegoods just received a huge shipment in and there were so many fun things to look at. The first thing that caught my eye was the cute little metal table with a glass top.

Full view of metal side table

I was on the look out for a little table to put next to my favorite reading chair by the fireplace.

Close up on items on top of table

It was the perfect size, perfect price $59.99 and complemented another table that I had in the room. So in the cart it went!

emma's old lamps

I have been looking for new lamps for Emma’s room. I was never in love with the hot pink zebra lamp we purchased this summer. It was too small for the table and I was really wanted something loud and colorful for her nightstands.

Emmas new lamps

In the back of the lamp section were these great finds.

orange lamp by itself

They had a tall base, which was white and these awesome bright orange print lampshades. Perfect price at $29 a piece and I was sold instantly. Just hoping that I got the Emma approval when I got home. Sure enough – Emma loved them so they were in.

little white vase

Finally, I found this cute little vase of flowers. I loved the little white vase and the combination of flowers in the arrangement. I was going to put it in our new powder room, but when I brought it home it was a little too big for the space. Luckily, I bought some lotion as well while at Homegoods and it fit fine in that area. Instead I decided to put this little cute thing in our guest room on the night table. It is a pretty little accent for our guests to wake up too.

It was such a pretty day out on Tuesday, the calm before the storm and I am so glad I was able to get out and about, because the weatherman was sure right about this storm. I just hope this snow sticks around for when we go away skiing in a couple of weeks – it would be a shame for it to go to waste.

Have you had a great shopping run lately – what have you picked up for around the home?



  1. I just hit the jackpot at Target! Love when their stuff goes on clearance! Love the table you got. Its so lovely.

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