How to Wallpaper the Franny Way…..

I have to say I am just giddy! Like a kid at Christmas – I am totally in love – here is why….. the wallpaper arrived!  The wallpaper arrived! It looks awesome and really looks like beadboard, but it is wallpaper. When I was researching what product to purchase, I wanted pre pasted wallpaper, and to be able to paint it as well. So when I saw Allen+Roth’s product at Lowe’s which had a 5 star rating, I decided to give it a try. They did not have any in our local store so I ordered on-line and it arrived 2 days early. Just in time to try to get the room done before the Superbowl party.

Since I have never hung wallpaper before and know it requires skill and patience, my Mom came over to show me the ropes. I have said this before that my Mom is the original DIY person. She just instinctively knows how to do things. For example, when she arrived she asked me “Cher, do you have a plum for hanging the paper?”, this is a line with a weight that you hang on wall to create a straight line. I said “No”, so she created one with a measuring cup and dental floss since I could not find string. Isn’t that crazy? I would be on the way to Wal-Mart trying to buy one and she just creates it.

Anyway here are the materials you need if you want to get your wallpaper on:

A weight, a sponge, scissors, pencil, tape measure, water and a bucket

bathroom prep w primer and blue line

The first step is to get your walls ready for wallpapering. Since the bathroom was already painted and it was a semi-gloss finish, it is recommended to first prime the walls. They suggest waiting 24 hours between priming and wallpapering to make sure the paint is fully dry and there is no moisture for the wallpaper that would cause it not to stick. I have to admit primer is a little smelly, the day I was painting it was a negative 6 degrees out and I had the door to the garage and the window in the bathroom open to create airflow.  Oh, what I will do for a project!

Since I am only wallpapering half the room, I took some measurements. I decided to go about 53 1/2 inches from the ceiling to make the line for where the molding was going to sit.  I just taped the line off with blue painters tape. I put my first coat of paint on before my Mom arrived.  I ended up having to do 2 coats of paint, which to be honest I am not very happy about but the gray came out a little spotty at first. After the second coat the color looked awesome. I went with Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams, and so love this color.

Then Mom came in and looked at the measurements – of course I was a little higher on one wall than I was on the other (I did not measure twice) but I factored that in when I purchased the molding for the space. So all is good.

plum for the wallpaper web

We cut our wallpaper to size, then we rolled the paper where the paste was facing outward. Put in our weights to the circle in the wallpaper (which we just used knives) and then put the wall paper in the water and pulled up slowly to make sure the glue was getting wet.

Geetting the wallpaper wet web

When pulling out the paper – she was constantly telling me to “Go slow Cher” something I do not do well….

hanging the first piece of wallpaper web

You want to start in a corner and make sure that you paper in plum with the base board and start working around the room.

lining up the seems web

My mom is so clever how she cut the holes out for the vent and the toilet paper holder, and then she worked magic over around the pedestal sink– way over my head there.

Cutting out the vent web

If I was putting the paper on around the sink it would have looked like a 3-year-old was having fun pasting paper to the wall.

Wallpapering around the room web

I wish I captured it on video but my Mom just made these cuts and then pulled here and there and the wallpaper was on the wall and looked great!

getting out the air bubbles web

Once the paper is hung you take a sponge and push out all the air bubbles that build up behind the paper. Make sure the sponge is moist and push in an upward motion. It takes a few minutes but it is kinda of fun working them all out.

Finally you go around the edges and score any left over paper, just use a pair of scissors or a sharp edge of some sort.

wall paper done

I have always been a little leery of hanging wallpaper – for one it is permanent, and since my style is always changing I was a little nervous about that. But this is paintable wallpaper – so that is pretty cool. You just have to take your time, make sure you butt up your seams and make sure the air bubbles are pushed out and you are good to go.

This bathroom is really coming together. I am totally in love!


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