Changes in the Ottoman Empire

This weekend I finally decided to take the plunge and start painting furniture again. I  was painting out in the garage and since it has been such a cold winter I really have not had an opportunity to do so….But this Saturday was a really snowy day and I was stranded home and decided to bring this bad boy in from the garage.

before the paint coffee table

I actually started this coffee table in the summer. I picked it up on Craigslist for $75 dollars, I remember it was a hot day when I got it, and one of the few pieces of furniture that the Hubby gave me push back on buying…the plan was just to flip it and move on.

It was originally this cherry color wood – which I really am not a fan of but had awesome storage that would be great for any family room with kids.

So I started painting this piece Grafite by Annie Sloane, since it was a darker hue underneath I thought it would distress really nicely. I would bang it out and be good to go. Well I am not sure if Grafite and I work well together. It did not distress really well, it would leave these white marks on it and when I would buff it out it would look ok, but not really create the effect I was going for. I put two layers of wax on top and then for some reason got side tracked with other projects and this one got pushed to the back burner.

I would think about it from time to time when I would walk by it in the garage and think “what should I do with this thing?”  So, on Saturday with the cold and snow I got inspired, and decided to try to two-tone the piece. I really do like the look.

Since I bought the piece, I have not been happy with the ottoman in our space. It is a dark brown “leather” looking piece and it left the TV side of our great room looking way too brown and dark. My original plan was to recover the ottoman which I might still do down the road. I spent a couple of hours looking at fabrics and was more drawn to blue colors than I was to greens. Since I am not sure if the great room is going to stay in the current color zone forever, I did not want to invest in really expensive fabric for the ottoman if I was going to change color directions down the road.

So I pulled out Country Grey by Annie Sloane chalk paint that I bought this summer and had not had the opportunity to try. I started painting the side of the piece and fell in love with the color as well as the look. It only took an hour or so to paint the two coats. That is what I love about chalk paint; it covers so well and you don’t have to sand. Since I was painting by the fire I did not want dust everywhere in the house.

upclose of coffe table

Since the top is distressed I decided to keep the bottom of the piece a solid color. The piece came with two really big drawers for storage and the more and more I looked at the piece and the dark brown ottoman I asked the Hubby if he wouldn’t mind if we moved the dark ottoman down to the basement and try this new one in the TV area. We would still have storage for the kids games and it would be a smoother service for food and drinks than the ottoman.

coffee table center of room

We gave it a whirl and lo and behold I like the piece there. The only thing we had left to do was put handles on the piece and it was as good as new.

showing the distress of hte coffee table web

I found these vintage drawer pulls this summer, I love the detail on each pull; they look great with the grey and the black. They were perfect.

Steve making sure they are even coffe table

The hubby just had to get out the drill and within 10 minutes we had 4 really cute handles on the piece.

upclose of bird on coffee table

Finally I just had to wax the bottom half of the piece and we were as good as new.

Have you ever had a project sit for a while and then it gets reinvented? What was your inspiration to get started on that project again?

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