Bringing some of the Outside In…..

I don’t know about you but I am ready for this Arctic freeze to change direction and go home! I don’t remember it being this cold ever….Luckily our house is insulated well and we are nice and toasty warm….but still it is a negative 6 degrees outside today.

Since it has been so cold I have been craving signs of Spring to have around the  house. Last week I went on a Homegoods run and they had some great artificial plants available for the picking. If you follow me on Instagram you could of seen my shopping cart fulled with plants. Even though I can arrange flowers, for some reason I have a hard time keeping plants alive inside. So, I opt for really good artificial plants to accent the house.

plant by chair web

I noticed this tall plant, I loved the variegated leaves and it was the perfect height to hang out in our bay window.

plants w the chest web

Then I came across this awesome duo. I just love this plant, my girlfriend had one similar that I have always admired.

One of the house plants homegoodsSo of course I only bought one, got it home found the perfect spot for it and realized I needed another. Luckily one of my good friends was heading in and saved my butt and picked up another plant for me.

plants on top web

another view of plants

I just love how they look on top of our entertainment center. It really needed some green up there.

plamy on coffee table

Finally I found this nice little number which sits on top of the coffee table. I love the container and it is just the right height to sit on top of the coffee table. It does not obstruct the view at all. So for $90 dollars I changed up the view around our living room and brought a little bit of the outside in…..

Do you prefer real plants to artificial and where is your favorite place to buy plants these days?  Are you counting down the days to spring?   I think there is about 50 days left….I know I am counting!


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