It’s Changing…..Deal With It!

“Mom you are not changing the bathroom again, are you? No, please tell me no!” Then Peter walked away, muttering under his breath “stop changing the house.” Peter is so funny – he is just like his Dad in that he does not like change.

Powder room before

So what does this mean? Yesterday during my day off I decided to try out a couple of sample colors I had from previous projects on our powder room wall. As you  can see from my 2014 to do list I would like to do a couple of things to our downstairs bathroom:

1). Update the color. Since I painted the hallway this summer the color sparrow, it now clashes with the color in the bathroom. The light sage does not go with the grey undertone of the paint. As I mentioned awhile back I thought sparrow had more of a green undertone but it turns out it was grey.

2). Add beadboard. I was originally going to do wood but after more research and the size of the room I will be doing the beadboard wallpaper instead with a wood trim about half way down the wall. Since my sister is in school I might have to wait on the border for a while and just go ahead and paint the space.

Lights and mirror poweder room

3). Paint the existing mirror or find a really fun vintage mirror.

4). Change out the existing light. I found this cute light at Lowes online. I got a gift card from the holidays from Lowes and it is burning a hole in my pocket so I will give it a try.

5). Find a nice area rug for the space. Either in a grey or lavender color. The only issue is the mat on the rug has to be very thin.

curtain in the powder room

I am leaving the cute little curtain that I bought at Kmart many years ago. I love the crystal fringe on it and it goes so well in the space.  I will also keep the current accessories.  I love them!

Powder room from anther perspective

So what color or shades of color do you think I am going with in the bathroom?


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