We Have a Winner Folks

For me I am back to work today, there is snow again on the ground, and it was nice having a 3 day weekend and I was thinking about the color gray yesterday…more on that later this week.

So we have a winner folks. I put a poll out on the blog last week for which chair I should keep in our guest room, should it be chair number one or chair number two….

Chair one and Chair two

The lucky winner is chair number one. It was unanimous and I totally agree with you guys. In decorating sometimes you second-guess yourself. I am a firm believer though you have to go with your gut, that is usually how I make all my decisions, and most of the time it is right.

closeup of the accent table

One of our readers had a great suggestion that I should add a footstool or an ottoman to the space, I never thought of that and think that is an awesome idea. It will add another layer and comfort to the space, plus expand the footprint of the space. I don’t know about you but I do love an ottoman.

So here is what I was thinking. Since the space is a little small what about a small pouf ottoman. I was thinking something like this…

Product_KML31276_Image_1                                                                                                                                        Source

Or something like this…



Or maybe something cute and vintage like the foot stool I have in the downstairs laundry room.

Laundry room rug web

There are so many options. I can’t wait to hit the local stores to see what great items I can find. I would like to keep my price point under $50 dollars or so, so I might be able to make a great score at Homegoods, or there might be an upcycle on an exiting piece in my future….

Where do you find great ottomans – have you ever been on a hunt for them?

Thanks for all your great input and ideas. It really helps getting the creative juices flowing. What are you up to this week – did you have today off yesterday?


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