Our Guestroom: The Back Story

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Guess what – we woke up to snow today. The cold weather is BACK….it is a long weekend for us so we are enjoying a lazy Monday, and maybe we will have time to pick out some new colors for an upcoming project – stay tuned.

When we built this house our guest room was originally our daughter’s room, and our daughter’s room was the kids playroom. When we redid our basement and the kids now had a place of their own, Emma moved into the bigger room.

I like the idea of a guest room.  Growing up, when our Grandparents came to visit, one of us would always have to give up their room. Now we always have a place for our friends/family to say anytime they want and no one gets displaced. It is the smallest bedroom in our house so it made it a little tricky to decorate since I wanted a Queen size bed for our guests. The Vitello family does not fit on double beds!

So when we changed the kids room, I had the room painted Ocean Fog, I am not sure where I found the color – but I really like it and it was one of the loudest colors in the house at the time. The only issue with this color is it does not take the best pictures. They come out more muted. I love painted white furniture so I thought I would create a very girly, shabby chic space – this girl loves pink and it needs to come out somewhere.

Guestroom bed upclose web

Once I found the headboard last spring it spurred several projects in the room. Starting with updating the dresser, I repainted it white and added a cute little stencil on top.

guestroom dresser w mirror web

I repainted the lamps and added new shades that I purchased at Target. I went with a little bit of khaki on the shades to draw from the drapes to continue to ground the room a little bit.

the new nightstand web

I added some fun pillows with this great graphic fabric that I purchased from Fabric.com. I loves the loud colors and the great graphic print and the color pink was the perfect shot of color that the space needed.

Close up of the envelope pillow web

To pick up on the pillow I spray painted the mirror and picture frame to continue to punch some color in the room.

upclose to the dresser web

I updated the fabric on the chairs and added some pillows.  Also, you can see from the blog last week I stenciled the curtains behind the chair and added a little more white and texture to the existing curtains.  What I realized about this space is that cream does not go in this room, crisp white is really the key.

closeup of the accent table

I also changed up the far wall in the room, creating a nice feature wall of photos.  The wall is still developing and evolving and I love finding unique pieces for this space. I also added this great vintage night stand that I had in my office – it was one of my favorite pieces. I think I am going to paint it a pink similar to the mirror in the room and add gold leafing on the edges.

Whole left hand side of the room web

So the space is coming together, still evolving – I don’t think a room can ever be truly, done, done. I would like to add a rug to the space and maybe a very little table to the other side of the of the bed.

What is your guest room like – it is a place where you are constantly changing it up?



  1. I want to sleep there. It looks great.

  2. Looks great! I love having a dedicated guest room too!


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