Musical Chairs

So our guest room wall is now in motion – and it is a sunny day so hopefully that lasts all day. On the news yesterday they said that January in Upstate NY is one of the most grey months of the year. Though I am starting to like grey as a color on my walls I am not so much liking it in the sky overhead…

So here is the second area that I am struggling with in our guest room. I have created a little reading nook in the corner of this room. I used to have an awesome chair there but I have moved that into our bedroom now that we changed the color scheme. So I am not sure which chair I should keep.

Guest chair my wicker web

Chair number One is an antique piece that my parents got for me when I turned 13. It used to reside on a beautiful front porch of a local bed and breakfast 2 towns over. So it has special meaning to me. My mom made cute penguin seat cushions for me (since penguins are my favorite animal.) I like the size of the chair but feel that it might not have the height I need for the corner of the room. It is a low rider for sure.

I have updated the cushions to this nice premier fabric that I bought on Etsy last year. I was actually going to make this fabric into pillows for the room – but I needed more of a white background than a cream. Then I just added more pillows for the back. What are your thoughts for the chair – would you want to plop down and read a book?

Chair number 2 web guestroom

The second option is a chair I bought from one of the local Vintage stores. I purchased it for my office as an occasional chair for $10 dollars. It is probably from the sixties. I just had to give it a good old dose of spray paint and it was good as new. It sits higher than the first chair, notice though they are both wicker – are you catching on that I love wicker…J But it is kinda of tiny and looks small in the corner too. I think it would look really cute in Emma’s room once she gets older…right now it would last 2 days with her as she bounces around the room.

Chair one and Chair two

What are your thoughts, if you came into the room, which chair would you want to see?  The first option is more comfortable, but the second one you don’t feel like you are sitting on the floor in the room…Also, can you tell me what has changed in the room over time?



  1. Love the first one. It really fits the space.

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