Filling up the Bare Wall…

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope your week is going well. Don’t you feel like Christmas was like six months ago?  It is amazing how quickly we have to switch gears and we are on the move again with a new year….

Icing on the cupcake sign web

So last week one of our readers made a request on how to create a distressed sign. I decided to make a sign for our guestroom, which is a room that I have not really blogged about before – but look out – here comes a couple of posts about this space.

This is one of the rooms in our house where I feel I have not gotten quite right to be honest. I love our headboard that we found last year on Craigslist – awesome. I love the awesome fabric I found to make my favorite pillows for the space – you have to love the envelope pillow…but there are a couple of areas that just have not come together. Does that ever happen to you as you are putting together a space?

Guestroom before web

One of the areas that never felt finished was the large outer wall when you walk into the room. I love the vintage wallpaper piece that I found in the room, the shape of the print really requires it to be in the center of a wall. But the wall is rather big and the print looked out of place.

close up of print web

So I decided to build around the print with additional fun pieces that mean something to the Hubby and I and our guests. Thus the creation of the sign…fun…something personal to me, because I LOVE cupcakes and I am really loving gold accents this year.

Our wedding and date web

To build on that theme I added a fun sign with the year Steve and I got married, as well as my favorite photo from our wedding day, that my dear friend took.  Isn’t it cool?  It is shot through the bubbles we had when we left the church. I think I will need a bigger frame, but it will due for now.

right side of wall web

I found this really cute clothes rack with great vintage knobs on it from Homegoods that picks up the colors in the room:  pinks, creams, taupes and golds. Finally I added a photo of flowers in a gold frame to add a little bit of solid gold to the area. The wall is not quite done, I would like to add a letter V to the wall for our last name and maybe one more small print…I will have to be on the search for that.

Guestroom wall done web


I love putting together feature picture walls.  I have a couple throughout my house; they just add a little bit of history to a space within your home. Do you have picture feature walls in your home, what elements do you use to bring the wall together?


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