The Hubby going Rogue in the Laundry Room – Change of Plans

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We actually had a mid January thaw this weekend and could just go outside in a fleece vs dressing like we lived in the arctic. I have to apologize folks I am one week into January and already did not live up to one of my New Year’s resolutions of having 4 posts a week. Last week I had to put out a couple of unexpected fires that took up more time than I thought – all is ok…but took time away from the blog. So let’s see if I can get my act together this week.

So when you go to the store, don’t leave your hubby home with a drill and an action item to hang cabinets.  Let me explain, the next stage in the laundry project was hanging the cabinets. I painted them Cooled Blue #6760 by Sherwin Williams, love the color. As you remember I was hoping to match the swatch from the utility sink skirt but learned you could not use fabric. So after looking at various swatches found Cooled Blue to be a good match.

2013-11-30 10.14.09

So I was waiting for the Hubby to research how to hang cabinets since neither of us have done it before. After reading a couple of posts Steve got the courage up to give it a whirl. I briefly talked to him about my vision: I wanted the two cabinets hung on either side of the wall with shelves in between. You can see here Steve’s approach to how he hung the cabinets – pretty inventive I have to say.

My Dad came over to give him a hand, and of course I needed to run up to Wegman’s to get some food to feed the men. When I got back the cabinets were hung, and hung way too high. Now a little bit of history about the Hubby – he is not a Type A personality at all – he is so the opposite way that I thought for sure the cabinets would still be on the floor. BUT no, he went Rogue on me and hung them without me making sure the height was ok, very unlike him.

Showing the cabinets on the wall web

So I was a little taken aback to say the least, and they did not look right at all, but I felt really bad since he was so proud of himself and what he accomplished to make him move the cabinets down. So I had to rethink the layout of the wall. My Mom suggested a longer shelf lower on the wall to anchor the upper cabinets and then we just add a smaller one on top. I already made a cute little step stool for the space so I could use that to access the upper shelves.

One shelf up web

So off to home depot I went and bought two shelves for the space 12 inches deep. I decided to paint them the same color as the cabinets. When creating a wall like this it will be too busy if you introduce too many colors to storage elements.

Steve hanging the shleves web

Ideally I wanted to have wooden brackets, for some reason, we could not locate wooden brackets with a 12 inch depth.  We found a lot of  9 inch, but we discovered that if we wanted 12 inch it would be a custom order and would take two weeks.  As I have stated before, I am NOT a patient person.  In fact, driving to the store to buy brackets takes too long. It was very frustrating, but since this was the laundry room and not the kitchen I went with the metal brackets and just painted them the Cooled Blue as well.

both cabnets and sign laundry web

I love the open look of the shelving and I actually am starting to really enjoy the cabinets at their current height. It definitely offers more storage then we had before.

the plant and picture in laundry room web

I had all the baskets in the laundry room and in other areas of the house, so I did not have to buy new baskets for the shelves. I did add some fun new accessories like the laundry sign that I found out on Etsy. Doesn’t this sign say it all, wash**dry**fold**repeat  – no closure when it comes to laundry I am afraid folks!

Etsy Laundry Sign web

It fits perfectly between the two cabinets and I had this cute print from our first house that I bought maybe 13 years ago from a Laura Ashley store.

Charlie Brown sign on the shelf laundry web

The knobs that I had planned to use on the space did not fit, so I am kind of liking no knobs at the moment and it if I find something really unique and cool I can always add that later.

Laundry room rug web

The rug I had purchased earlier this fall at Homegoods when I was making the skirt for the utility sink so I love the geometric shape and the black tones and how it anchors the space.

w in a row done web

I also decided to replace the open shelving on the opposite wall. I really like the closed-door look and it gave us more space for storage. Space and efficient storage is my motto for 2014. Steve did a great job hanging these cabinets and we are starting to work really well together at DIY projects – no four-letter words for this project!

 view laundry hall web

Laundryroom window web

I also took this opportunity to really look at what I had in this room. I cleaned out all the baskets and shelves for items we really needed. I got rid of items we did not need. All and all the room has come a long way and went from a messy space to a functional yet inviting area to be in.

The before and after of the laundry room

Have you ever hung cabinets, has your husband ever gone Rogue on your Honey-Dew list before?

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  1. Looks WAY too nice to be a laundry room. I guess I shouldn’t show the picture of mine. 🙂 Beautiful redo. Linda

    • Thanks Linda – it is nice to have the room look fresh and a little bit organized – but on a normal day it is filled with Laundry baskets like it is right now 🙂 Would love to see your Laundry room!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. That looks fantastic. I can’t believe you have all the perfect accent pieces already .

  3. Looks awesome, Chernee! Loving that turquoise color!!

  4. The color of the cabinets and shelves is so bright and cheery!

  5. I also have cabinets over my front loader& dryer and that is my problem. Cannot reach inside the cabinets. I have put stuff inside cabinets that I do not use often. Your room like mine, gets used, so it is not always nice looking.

    • Hey Micki –

      I thought that was going to be an issue at first when the Hubby hung them so high, but I just keep a cute little footstool in the room and it is working out thus far for me to reach the top cabinet. Let me tell you then room is a sure all catch all of a space, it will be interesting to see how long it stays this organized -:).

      Thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a great rest of your weekend.


  6. Your laundry room looks a lot like my youngest daughters. I think I will show her your pictures and add some color to her room. Also, do you think we could add some type of board on top of the front loader washer and dryer to fold clothes ? And of course paint it to match other shelves.
    Thanks, Vicki

    • Hey Vicki

      Glad you like the room. We thought about adding another shelf to put on top of the washing machines. Are machines are about 9 yrs old so we were nervous to do it at this point based on their age. I bet it would look great and add more function to the space.



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