My House TO DO List for 2014

2014 TO Do ListI love lists, I love checking it twice and more importantly I love checking items off because closure is awesome! I am always trying to streamline processes and make improvements to run a more effective schedule and life. In putting together the 2013 Best Posts on the Blog is was so fun to look back at all the projects we accomplished; it was good for the soul.

So I thought it would be fun to break down the house room by room with what I would love to do this year and then look back and see what we actually did and where I went “Rogue.”

So here we go, and Steve you might want to sit down for this – know this is just a list not what I am going to do tomorrow, breathe…


  • My parents gave me an antique sign that was my Great Grandfathers – so I would like to hang it on our great wall when you enter the house.

Great room:

  • Would like to update the drapes in the space and phase out the maroon chairs and reupholster them; maybe a blue or a more neutral color.
  • Would love to add rugs to the space – but I am not sure if Linus will be happy with that.
  • Update our end table by the fireplace – maybe a lighter hue of white as well as replace the large ottoman with a lighter color. The TV area is getting too dark.
  • We are in the process of looking at new Recliners for the Hubby as well. The current chair takes up the whole room. In marriage you have to comprise and mine is a recliner in the family room.


  • Ideally I would like to tackle painting the cabinets, I would like to paint them a cream and then glaze them. I am really tired of the wood.
  • The island I would like to paint and glaze black.
  • Update the curtains to a pattern grey look.
  • Add bookcases to the far wall for more functional storage. Paint them the same colors as what the cabinets are going to be and this should be my test run.

Powder room:

  • Add bead board to the lower half of the bathroom.
  • Paint the upper half a grey.
  • Change the color of the mirror to black – phase 1 and then look for a really cool antique or vintage black mirror.
  • Find a pattern area rug for the space.
  • Replace the light fixture.

Laundry room:

  • Add cabinets to the inner wall – 3 in total.
  • Finalize the window treatments – ideally add some blinds with the window treatments.


  • Streamline the items in the space – way too crowded.
  • Update the desk chairs – not comfortable, something vintage and that adds more fun to the space.

Dinning room:

  • Switch out chandelier. Have been stalking Craigslist and Etsy for a gold vintage chandelier with Crystals…still in pursuit.
  • Research who can refinish the top of my dinning room table.
  • Make new drapes – tired of the stripes.
  • Long term – add molding to the lower portion of the room.
  • Find a rug that Linus will not mark.


  • The stairs are really settling in the space, and cracks have formed on either side of the stairs. Research a solution to this problem.
  • Mend the creaks so I don’t wake up the house when I go down the stairs.
  • Long term rip up the carpeting, stain the treads and paint the spindles white and darken the banister.

Upstairs hallway:

  • Update lights.
  • Maybe paint the remaining walls another color.
  • Paint the remaining doors white.
  • Switch out the lights in the room.


  • Create a feature wall
  • Add a rug to the space.

Emma’s room:

  • Add crown molding
  • Find better lighting for her bedside table.

Peter’s room:

  • Total room update (he just gave me the go ahead let’s see how long this lasts, he hates change).
  • New floors.
  • Update bed and bedding.
  • New lampshades.
  • Create better storage for his TV and books and collectables.

Master bedroom:

  • Update light in the hallway.
  • Paint the bookcases.
  • Finish stenciling the dresser.
  • Adjust the height of the curtain rods
  • Find a new bench or ottoman for the seating area (the one I did this Spring broke.
  • Add a side table to the seating area.

Master bathroom:

  • Fix the grout on the floor
  • Maybe paint the vanity grey
  • Ideally update the counters with some type of marble.

Kids Bathroom:

  • Finished

Ideally this year we would like to update the flooring in the whole upstairs. Not sure if that is in the budget for this year or for next.


  • We need to paint all the trim on the house.
  • Paint the front porch.
  • Clean the shutters.
  • Replant a couple of trees.
  • Add a large window box to the back bay window.
  • Plant 2 pear trees.

So there you have it folks, when I showed this to my Hubby his words were “OMG” – what are your plans for your house this coming year….



  1. OMG!!!

  2. Your list just sent me into a depression since this April it will be a year and I still haven’t finished decorating my family room. I admire your ambition. Can I please have some.

    • Thanks Cathy – it was good to put it all on paper – I think it gave Steve a mild heart attack though – decorating takes time that is for sure. Maybe a visit this year will help!

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