The True Magic of Christmas through your Children’s Eyes….

Do you remember what it was like as a child waiting for Christmas to come…seeing Santa and sitting on his lap?  Or, hoping, just hoping you would get a glimpse of those famous reindeer?

Now that we are adults it seems because of all the demands and pressures we put on ourselves (making the perfect cookies, buying all the gifts, attending all the events) that we are so tired we become resentful of the holidays vs. enjoy the true magic of the season.

Do you know that feeling?  I totally get that way.  Well last week I got a reminder of the magic of Christmas. The last couple of years we have not been getting much snow but this year Mother Nature is sure making up for it and it has been snowing for most of December.  Today was the first day it has not snowed. This past Saturday my parents made a request that all the family stop by the house promptly at 3:15 pm for a special visitor.

Let me set the scene – I am the oldest of 3 children, my kids are the oldest grandkids as well, my younger sister’s kids are in the middle and this summer we added a brand new addition to the family, my brother and his wife had a baby. My son and Stu are 14 years apart….

Anyway my niece who is 8 is still all about the magic of Christmas and a true believer while my two are over it….

santa and the driveway web

So on that particular Saturday, we got a true snowstorm. By the time 3 pm came around you felt like you were part of a snow globe!  The snow was coming down hard and the sky was really grey….but what did appear out of no where was a big man wearing a giant red suit….The way Santa just appeared coming down my parents snow covered, treed driveway was just beautiful – it was like we were in a black and white photo and Santa was the only one in color.


Gretta (the eight year old) just screamed for joy…I have this video of her running up to Santa for a big hug…It truly reminded me of what this season is all about.

all the kids in the trailer 2013 web santa

My parents love the great outdoors where I prefer my slippers and a nice fireplace, but we all followed my Dad, pulling Santa and kids in tow, to the pond in the trailer…It was so fun to see.

Peter and Stu in trailer web

Down to the pond we went and Santa sat on the bench and each of the kids shared with Santa what they are hoping for, for Christmas – even Stu got a turn but he was rather quiet!!

All the grandkids on santa 2013

Even though it was cold, and it was snowy, it was a perfect Holiday experience with the family, and seeing the kid’s eyes just twinkle and talk about the coming event…

all the grandkids 2013 santa web

Life needs those little magical moments to make you stop and see the true joy in the air, and make you realize it is not about what you have to get or left to do, it is about being with your family and standing in the snow and feeling the energy in the air.

We only have a couple more days left to enjoy this time of year. I hope we all can slow down for a few minutes to really enjoy what is important.



  1. Thanks for being out in the snow – I hope this will be a memory keeper!!!

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