Prepping is a 4 letter Word……

What stage of a project do you dislike the most? For me what I dread the most is prepping…to me it is a 4 letter word…..I would like to skip all the mudding, sanding etc. and just jump in and do the all the fun parts like painting or decorating the finished room! You can see I am a very patient person!
I realized prepping is an extremely important piece of the overall process, but for me it’s like pulling teeth. Our Laundry room project had a tremendous amount of prepping to do in many different stages. So here are the details, warts and all.

The ugly white shelf web

To start the project off we had to remove the white builder’s shelf they installed in the room.

Steve drilling web

Boy, that could have been the most secure shelf installed in the history of mankind. I think they had about 20 screws into the wall, which I had no idea.

Steve drilling laundry room web

And I have to admit when it came off there was a little bit of panic of “what did I start here?”

Emma helping taking down the shelf web

So then came the many attempts to fill in the holes. Now these were not little holes in the wall but divits, so it took about 3 layers of filling them in, sanding, and then repeating the step.

Patches on the wall for laundry room web

Once the wall was finished. We purchased the cabinets. We decided to buy unfurnished cabinets that I found at HomeDepot. I decided to go this route since I was going to paint the cabinets anyway I did not want to invest in already stained or painted ones, though I liked the detail on them better. I also looked on Craiglslits to see if there were any used cabinets but no such luck. When we went to pick them up we noticed that one the sides that would face the center of the room had a crack in the wood, and a big crack at that.

cabinet in box web

Of course these were the only two cabinets in stock at our location so we looked  at the damage and decided that it would be an easy fix with some glue and a clamp. So we decided to buy them anyway – I don’t know about you – but that is always the way when you want to do something now; there is something wrong with the item, or it is out of stock.  When checking out the cashier gave us the cabinet, which was 50 dollars, for 20 bucks off…so that was awesome. Thanks HomeDepot!
When I got home, I took some wood glue, and pushed a lot of the glue in the cracked area, then I pulled them together with a clamp and it was good to go and you would not even know that it was there.

Cabinet w wood clamp web

So I know that does not sound like a lot of prepping really – but for a small space it took a good couple of hours on a couple of days to get things done…In the meantime, I had to work on the kitchen table since the office was the catch all space for all the laundry supplies.  But to be honest with you that is one of the things I love most about projects like these – it give you an opportunity to clean out all the items you have accumulated over the years that you just don’t need, like leather cleaner for the chair you got rid of 3 years ago….
What prepping have you been up to lately, or are you taking the next couple of weeks off for the holiday’s?


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