Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

One of my favorite parts of the Holiday Season and a fond memory as a child is getting our family Christmas tree. When I was little, December was a very busy time of year for my family, and I guess that hasn’t changed. We would go to a local farm and pick out or tree and us kids would get a huge candy cane to eat on the way home.

Once home – we would be surprised by a letter from Saint Nick and a little gift to tide us over to Christmas, and I am sure he was checking in to make sure we were being naughty or nice. Then we would beg my Dad to set up the tree and Mom would hand out ornaments to us and tell us the story behind each one. I love the history of where they came from and who gave us what…

Fast forward to the present….we continue this tradition in my house now. We used to go to a tree farm and cut down our tree, now that the kids are older, and I don’t really like the cold, we just go down the road to the local farm and pick out a pre-cut tree and have some coco, then the kid’s race into the house to see what St. Nick left for them….

Peter and Emma getting the tree web

I have to admit this year we picked out our tree in 10 minutes or less, it was rainy and cold.  Those are not two of my favorite things!  The tree, at the farm, looked pretty round and solid. Once we got home the kids begged dad to set up the tree, and when I came into the room – I did scream “it is the worst tree ever!”  Once home the bottom section looked really bare.  Then Steve, who is patient about this because he knows I am on the quest for the perfect tree, did a little tree twirl all turned out ok….

 Peter trimmig the tree web

So our tradition in our house is that the kids and Steve work on the tree….for me I hand out the ornaments and share the stories around each one….In my early twenty’s I started to get an allergy towards pine trees – which kills me because I like to make homemade garlands and work with greens – but if I even go near the tree, I react.

Peter and Emma putting ornaments on the tree web 2013

This might be the last year that we actually have a real tree – since I seem to be getting worse – red eyes and all!  Even though red is a Christmas color, it does not look the best in my eyes J

The family with the tree web 2013

When Steve and I got our first tree – which I have to say was the perfect tree – we were living in Syracuse in a basement apartment right after College. We did not have any ornaments so I went down to our local Wegmans (do you have Wegmans?

Tree before ribbon 2013 web

Just think Trade Joe’s and Whole Foods all wrapped into one) anyway all they had were Santa ornaments – and that started our tradition of having Santas all over our tree…I have to admit I was a little bit of a control freak about the Santas for a while, but now that the kids have a vote and the trees are getting bigger we had to expand our horizons.

Tree in daytime w ribbon 2013 web

Do you have a real tree of an artificial?  If it is an artificial tree, what brand do you recommend?  If it is a real tree do you cut yours down, or go to a local stand?

At night I love to sit by our fireplace and just stare at the lights – there is something peaceful about a lighted tree in your house!

We are linking up to the Christmas Tree Link Party over at DIY Show off


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