The Holiday Card – From our Family to Yours

I love getting the mail! I always have, especially during the Holidays. I enjoy seeing all the updated photos and reading what has been happening in people’s lives over the year.  So this year I wanted to do something fun for our holiday card and kinda have a theme….We usually go back and forth and have one year with all of us and then the next with just the kids….

Snow storm before thanksgiving 2013 web

This year, the day before Thanksgiving, we got a snowstorm and woke up to 8 inches of white, fluffy looking snow.  It looked like a winter wonderland outside and I thought this is a perfect day to take some photos for the Christmas card.

Linus in the snow web

Emma was dying to get out and play in the snow and while she was getting ready to go outside she put on her fun fur hat and the light went on…Let’s do a hat theme!

I found Peter’s red check hat and we had a hat to match for Linus too – our family photo would not be complete without him – even though he drives me totally crazy. Let’s just say not everyone was excited about wearing the hats – the girls were in but the boys were not too thrilled.

The kids xmas selection web

But out we went – screaming and all and we picked a pretty pine tree in our front yard that was covered in snow and took a couple of shots, before we all had meltdowns I clicked 5 shots and low and behold…I got a shot I could use.

You are probably thinking that was the hard part.  Not so.  Here is the kicker. Later that day I was browsing for what holiday card to use and the Hubby was working next to me on his computer and decided to have input on the Holiday card this year…Normally Steve does not care at all and I handle it…but this year he had an opinion…and big ones at that – it took 4 tries and 3 different sites for us to finally agree on a card we like. The kicker is that the card we picked was the most expensive, we did have a 25% coupon and I think free shipping but still it was over budget by a lot.  We went with Tiny Prints. I have used them before – I love a card with a thick stock… I have that for my business cards and get a lot of compliments on the feel of the card. Also, I love cards that have a fun print on the back.

We decided to do the bling of the sparking bulbs for Emma – she loves anything with bling and the red tone of the card for Peter, which is his favorite color. So each child was represented with elements that reflected their personalities.

The Vitello Holiday Cards! 2013 web

Now comes the fun task of printing off the labels and the return address stickers and have an assembling party. Here is the Hubby yesterday working on the Holiday cards – watching his team the Bills play – let’s just say at least the cards said sparkle and shine.

steve putting together christmas cards web

What type of Holiday card are you doing this year or do you do a family newsletter?  I do love this time of year and going out to the mailbox and seeing all the Christmas cards and family pictures. Growing up getting the mail was one of my jobs and my parents would get so many cards. They still keep the cards for me to look through and see all the great photos…


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