Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Ginger all the Way…..

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had an opportunity to spend some quality time with Friends and Family. My Mom hosted this year so all we were responsible  for was the Hubby’s famous mashed potatoes (he whipped them up so smooth) and green beans. It was a great day and so enjoyed all the leftovers – I don’t know about you but I almost like the leftovers more!!

Anyway, we are in full Holiday mode in our house. I thought over the next couple of weeks I would share with you a couple of the traditions we love throughout the years ….

Emma and TV and her gingerbread house web

Our daughter Emma has always loved a gingerbread house and has put one together every year. So for the day after thanksgiving when we start putting out our Christmas decorations I thought it would be fun for Emma to put together her house.

Closeup of the ginger bread house web

Some years she creates her own design and others she copies the box…this year she decided to replicate the image on the box – with the exception of the roof – the icing was too think….

Here somes santa and the giner bread house

It took Emma about an hour to put it together, I love all the use of color and actually this inspired me to have our Christmas theme be about bright colors – verses the white and gold theme I was thinking of earlier….

side view of the ginerbread landscape web

I decided to put the little gingerbread house in our entry way…I paired it with a couple of cute little snow covered spruce trees to look like it was sitting in a forest.

Gingerbread in the forest web

I then added one of my favorite Santa’s (we collect them) and one of my favorite holiday wreathes I bought when Peter was little.

I love the fun ornaments on the wreath and I thought it would go nicely with house.

Gingerbread table in the entrace

Now all we have to do is to keep Emma from eating the gingerbread house as well as all the yummy gum drops she used…..

Do you guys do a gingerbread house every years – what tradition does your family do to start the Holiday Season each year!


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