Chalking up the TO DO List

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was a really cold one here in Upstate NY – it fell below 20 degrees and we had about an inch of snow.

Anyway with it being cold outside I decided to improve our TO DO list in the house and make it more visible for all of us. I think I mentioned it a couple of times that this fall the homework level for our kids has been really high and we are all struggling to try to stay on top of things. We live in NY State and I am not sure if you have read or heard on the news about the Common Core curriculum but we are a part of that…

Weekly calendar - web

So our little calendar in our mudroom is not cutting it anymore. I tried keeping track of it on my calendar but that was great for me to see but not my kids or the hubby.

I have not written about our kitchen yet. That will come in the new year as we are tackling some great projects in our Kitchen in 2014…But with our open floor plan concept we don’t have long walls to hold a big calendar for us all to see.

So I decided to Chalk up our door to the basement and have that be our TO DO list for the week ahead.

Door organizer web

Before it housed two organizers for the kids and we moved them to behind the door…the Hubby even said, and I would agree, having them out of plain view makes the kitchen feel larger and less cluttered.

kids buckets on back of door web

It is amazing how such a small change can have that effect. I don’t think it will hurt the easy flow at getting to the key essentials like head bands, phones or accessories that are there now.

Since it was so cold out and there were snow squalls in the area I decided to check out Wal-Mart which is just down the road for chalk paint. They carry a Disney line of paint. It is made by Glidden and I went with Black, but they have different colors. I purchased more rollers as well.

The directions called for cleaning the surface of the door which had a lot of clear tape and a couple of dings that I filled in with wood putty. Then I was off to the races with painting the door.

Chalkboard paint door coat one web

Since the door was white it took 3 coats of paint to get the finish I was looking for. I always wanted to try chalk paint somewhere in our house since the kids were little and I am not sure why I waited until they were teenagers to do so.

Basement chaulk door web

All of us love it! And it is amazing how this little change affects the space – it is really black now and for 8 years we are used to the door being white.  Now when we walk by it is a bit of a surprise!

chernee on the chaulk door web

Right now I divided the door up into two sections: one for Emma and one for Peter – even though it is a short week they both have tests before the holiday so I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

door open to the basement web

Plus I can’t wait to try out different colors as well.  All we had around the house was white chalk.

How was the weather this weekend in your neck of the woods – did you get any snow? What fun things did you do around the house?

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  1. What a great idea! Here in TX the cols front has finally come through and I’m loving every minute!

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