“BAM!” – I took my Feature Wall up a Notch!


Did you ever watch Emeril on the Food Network? My kids loved watching that show and hearing him say “BAM!” when he added some spice.

left angel of the hall way web

Well this summer I painted my upstairs hall wall, which runs the length of my second story entry to my house. You can see the post about how I transformed the space here.

I have really enjoyed the wall being a different color than the rest of the area and creating a little more drama when you enter the house. But, I have to be honest, the wall needed more that just paint and a different color – it needs some texture and depth.  It needed some spice!

When I stenciled my downstairs mudroom I really fell in love with stenciling and how the room really looks like wallpaper, but with paint.  After I finished the mudroom I had to stop myself from stenciling the whole house…even I knew that would be a little too much.

I want to share my plans of what is going to be happening in our entry wall/hall. Last year my parents gave me this awesome sign. It is the sign that hung over my Great Grandfather’s shop for over 50 years…. When I started my Recruiting business 12 years ago this month I picked Whiting as the name for good luck – and I have to say it has brought me that…. So when I closed my office I did not know where to hang the sign. Even though my house is an open concept I don’t have very long walls, except for in our entryway, big enough to handle the sign.


The sign is very Rustic and has a ton of character – my concern with hanging it in our entryway is I did not want to give off a vibe of our home being too country – there is nothing wrong with that style, it is just not for me. So to offset the rustic feel I thought I would make the hall wall more formal in nature – thus the idea of a stencil.

The look I wanted to go for was high-end texture glossy wallpaper…with a bold flower or geometric paper that was silver in tone but also very subtle, like here and here. I looked into a silver grey paint and felt the pattern would come across too bold and strong. So while I was at HomeDepot I spoke with the person about glaze. Martha Stewart has a line of glazes and we opened one up and looked at the texture and it was the perfect silvery eradecent look I had in my head.

Tools I used for the steciling project


For a pattern I really loved the stencil from downstairs and every time I would look at a stencil I was being pulled back to a Macron look – and I did not want to repeat the pattern in the house – that would be too weird. So I was looking at damasks as well – but the patterns were too big – then I really liked Royal Design Studio’s Khanjali Ikat Stencil – it was not too flowery, had some great shapes and felt that it would do the job.

 Close up of the stencil web

I went with their small stencil so the pattern was not too big and bold. For the one wall it took about 4 hours over a couple of days. Since I was working with glaze – which I really enjoyed, it took a little bit longer to dry than paint.

Chernee stenciling upstairs hall web

What I liked about the glaze is if I screwed up which I am not perfect and did twice – I could just wash it right off – and off it went from the wall…no repainting or starting over.

Chernee hard at work stenciling web


So now I just need to get some scaffolding and a couple of strong men to help the Hubby hang the sign and our entryway will be off and running!

View of the wall from Emma's side of the hall web


Hall by our door stenciling web

View of the hall to the left web

What is left for the hall in my mind:

–       Remove carpet and put down hardwood

–       Replace the silver lights with more formal lighting

–       Buy a really cool runner with the colors of the space

Have you ever thought a product was finished and then lived with it for awhile and realized you needed to take it up a notch? Were you happy with the results?….Are our projects ever really done…..





  1. That looks awesome!

  2. Love how glamarous that looks! I never feel like I’m done. My style and likes are always evolving.


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