Why Does Laundry Get its Own Room?

There is one chore that never seems to get done – Laundry. With kids and especially kids involved in sports, I feel like I complete 3 or 4 loads of laundry, and then turn around and there is another pile! Now I am lucky in the fact that my Hubby, Steve, is actually a laundry snob. He loves doing laundry and actually folds very well –he may need to improve on putting items away – it is kind of a scavenger hunt looking for where he has placed an item- but I shouldn’t complain since he ACTUALLY does do laundry.

view from the hall web

I think it is so funny that Laundry gets its own room…Our room is on the first floor though the Hubby would love to have it on the second floor – I think that would be distracting – our machines beep when they are finished, and I like quiet when I sleep. Plus, I would always be afraid of a leak and water going through the ceiling – which our current machine has done.

counter and skirt web

Our laundry room is rather small and it is multifunctional. It holds our cleaning supplies, all our sport bags, extra backpacks, light bulbs, batteries – bills – you name it, it could end up in the laundry room.So I am tired of the room feeling cramped and would like to change it up a bit.

So here is what is on my mind. First things first, I would like to replace the white shelf with actual cabinets. The shelf really limits my storage and I don’t like seeing all the cleaning supplies, they can live behind closed doors going forward.

the famous white shelf web

We have been looking at unfinished cabinets and I think I have found a set I like at Lowe’s; believe it or not they have a good product for an inexpensive price, cheaper than Mr. Seconds. My plan is to paint the cabinets, and I was planning on pulling this pretty turquoise color from the fabric and have Sherwin Williams match the color.

Color of the cabnet web

I think it will compliment the wall color as well and add some charm to the space. Plus I bought these fun knobs this summer at Homegoods – and they will look great on the new cabinets.

Secondly, I would like to change out the light. It is the standard silver light fixture we put in our house in every space that needed one. I found this cute, wicker looking fixture a while back and I think it reminds me of close pins – did you ever hang clothes up on the line? I sure did growing up – my Mom never used the dryer – it was the line in the summer and the clothing ranks in the winter – too much work for this gal!

shelves open laundry web

I am also thinking about what to do in this opposite wall area. Though I like the floating shelf look – I think I could add more storage here too! Whether that be another set of cabinets – which I think would make the room feel too small – so I might be leaning towards open shelving like I have in my office from Ballard Design’s and add a third shelf. For the background on this wall I am also tossing around adding some tile. We don’t have any backsplash in this house – I remember a blog post that Centsation girl did in one of her bathrooms where the wall was tiled. I really love the glass tile look – and my sister knows how to do tile. Not sure about that idea – but it is in consideration.

I probably will have to repaint the walls once all the work is done – I am going to paint it the same color – I really like the clean feeling this color gives the space and I think it makes the space appear larger than it is. I have already updated the fabric in this space. I made a new skirt for the storage below the counter that I have in the room – by the way, I may need to weed through all this stuff….I updated the fabric for the window treatment as well – I am still debating if I am going to make a fake roman shade, add a real roman shade or leave it as is. In an earlier post I shared how we made the skirt for the utility tub. All I need to do is gather a team to hang the cabinets (well I guess I need to paint them first)…

What are your thoughts on the laundry room – is yours a catch all space like mine has become? What decorating ideas do you have for this area?



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