Houston There is a Problem – Wrong Paint Color

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I promised two blogs last week about Emma’s room….I think I spoke too soon – there was a problem – a big problem with the paint!!

So here is what happened. We painted Emma’s room labor day weekend and then school, soccer and cheerleading hit us with a ton of bricks and I forgot  I had a couple of minor touch ups I needed to do on Emma’s wall especially near the main light switch in her room. So I grab the gallon of paint that we had made for this occasion and put it on the wall…when I put it on the wall – it did look darker but I was thinking it would dry lighter… so I went in to check a couple of hours later and it was the wrong color.

Paint error Emma's room web

I drove into the city later in the week to buy more paint…and then they mixed me up another gallon – got it home…it looked a little darker but I made sure they mixed the Pink Carnation color and put it on the wall…this time it was even darker…and I was really upset – I did not want to have to paint the wall over again and could not understand why the color was not coming out right…

Even darker the wrong color in Emma's room web

We have a local Sherwin Williams store in town. I called then up Friday, explained my situation and ask them what did I have to bring with me to have a color match done. The gentleman told me that if I brought in a chip from the wall about the size of a quarter he would be able to match it. Since I was über organized when we painted Emma’s room I used up all the open paint and threw everything away in that week’s trash – thinking the extra gallon I got would be fine. So I had to take the color from the wall itself. I got a screw driver and went to a corner of the room where a piece of furniture was blocking the wall and gently made a hole and created a quarter size mark and pulled off that section of paint.

paint sample in emma's room web

I went down to the store – the man said that should work and they would try a section of the paint for me before we left to make sure they got it right.

wall sample web

Here is the piece of wall that has both the old color and the match color on it–perfect match – Whooh!

Wall sample w match web

I asked him how to properly go over the darker color – he said make sure to not put too much paint on the brush and dry brush over the section a couple of times verses putting a lot of paint on for a thick first coat.. I took his advice and put about 3 coats on the darker section and it worked great! I can’t tell you how relived I was – I did not want to have to move all the furniture and take down the artwork on that wall and start over…

Fix wall in Emma's room web

So I owe the folks over at Sherwin Williams big time and owe you guys some good posts this week.



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