Sneak peek to the week ahead – Inside Emma’s room

Hope everyone is have a great weekend so far. It is a really cool fall weekend here. The Hubby and I are celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary this weekend and he surprised me with a night away in a small quaint town a couple of hours away where we got engaged. We try to go back when we can….We had a great time and it is back to reality.

I thought I would throw out a teaser for some of the posts we will be featuring next week. Emma’s room is finally done!!! It really came out cute, and I think represents the vision she had in her head of the use of color and a little bit of her Diva side as well….She sure does have different taste than me, she loves colors that are loud and patterns that are even louder! But all in all it really turned out cute and a great way to start her teenage room!!

sneak peak at Emma's room

We will have two posts that will talk about the furniture we picked which is all vintage, and then a blog to talk about how we tied in all the accessories.

Looking forward to the week ahead! Are you ready for Halloween?


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