How to Fake a Roman Shade


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours went by super quick, but don’t they all? We had our daughter’s cheer competition where her squad came in second place!  We are very proud of them!  Go Blue Devils!  And, we had a wonderful time celebrating our friend’s 40th birthday.

view of kids window web

Last week I shared with you the updates that I made to our kid’s bathroom. I promised to share how I made their super easy roman shades for the windows. I love the look of a Roman shade but to really make a traditional version with all the pulls etc. is way over this beginner sewers head. So instead I pulled a couple of ideas that I saw on other blogs from Young House Love and Bower Power and made it work for me.

As I mentioned I am in love with the Premier Fabric line on where I have been purchasing a lot of fabric lately. I measured my window which is 22 by x42. Then I cut my fabric. I allowed for an inch extra all around (top, bottom and sides) then, turned them over to sew. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could use fabric tape as well. Once all the edges were sewed it was time to hang them.

Jamie using table saw web

My sister helped with the next couple of steps.  Anytime I mention that there might be drilling or cutting needed she comes running!  Jamie brought some extra wood she had lying around her house and we measured the width of the window from inside the pane. Then we cut the 2×4 in half and to size for each window’s width.

stapling fabric to wood kids bath web

I took the fabric and rolled it around the piece of wood once. Then I stapled it to be secure. Like this. Then Jamie drilled two screws through the wood and we marked the holes in the window casing. Finally, we drilled it into place….presto!

jamie drilling kids bath web

Some of the recommendations were to take another scrap piece of wood and role the fabric around to make the fabric taught at the bottom. Instead we used the tension rod I had hanging the old shades.

Side by side shades web

All in all, a pretty easy project with a great effect. Love how the shades turned out and the aqua anchor print looks awesome in their bathroom!!




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