The Gender Neutral Bathroom – Nautical Style

Are your kids good at sharing or working together?  My kids are at the stage where they are like oil and water – they start at each other from the minute they wake up to when they go to bed! Just love this stage…..and we make them share a bathroom too – which just makes them love each other more. Teenagers!

Growing up I had to share the bathroom with my brother and younger sister too. Though we had two bathrooms there was still issues of who was going to use which one, how long you could be there etc…

view of kids mirror web

So when looking at house plans I wanted to make sure since our kids would have to share a bathroom that is was practical and multifunctional and could handle them getting ready at the same time. For example, their bathroom has double sinks and I put in a pocket door breaking up the sink from the tub and toilet.  The pocket door and double sinks really have worked out nicely. That is when they don’t want to be using our bathroom.

So now that they are older – I decided to do some quick updates to their bathroom. When Peter was born my mom made this shower curtain, I loved the print; we love boats in our family so it fit the bill perfectly.

Kids shower area web

This is a sheet that I found at Garnett Hill – now there has to be something said when you purchase a high quality sheet because they do last – it is in great shape and it is 14 years old!!

When I was looking at material for their bathroom Peter goes to me – “Mom – you are not taking down the shower curtain are you?” “ Because I love it!!”  Now who can say no to that?  Emma does not seem to mind the boats either….so that is staying.

shower curtain kids cv

Since I love the bathroom color as well – I did not have to paint – I have to admit painting bathrooms is not my favorite thing to do.

So while my sister and I were updating our mirror in the master bathroom we became very confident in our abilities and decided to keep rolling to the kid’s room. Women power!

jamie installing mirror web

Instead of using the decorative squares we mitered the edges for this mirror. I wanted the mirror to look a little less formal and the miter look achieved that. For the most part it turned out ok, With some minor caulking that needed to occur in one area.

We did not get our edges to line up in the upper left hand corner – so what I did was keep layering the caulk until it was the same level as the rest of the wood. I painted the molding in Journal White about 3 coats to give it a fresh crisp feeling. I did not have to prime since the molding I purchased came already primed.

Then I updated the curtains – as I have mentioned before most of our windows are custom, which is a pain for purchasing off the shelf window treatments or blinds. For the tub area I did install (way back when) a blackout shade from smith & noble that fit the window. Then from Potterybarn they had sheer roman shades. I do have to say they held up pretty well but over the last couple of months the sheers were starting to show their age and yellow…So I liked the roman shade look for this space. I wanted something that would be gender neutral for the kids – when looking at fabric online  I kept coming across this pattern from it is part of their Premiere fabric line – and I love it and love the anchors….

Kids window in the showere area web

So instead of going with the blue they had I went with the aqua which does three things – it pulls the color in from the hallway, it ties in the theme of being nautical and the color adds a little bit of femininity to the space. I will be putting up the directions on how I did the shade this week.

view of kids window web

In addition to new curtains I bought new towels at Homegoods.  Each child has their own patterns. Emma’s has pinks, purple and white.

emma's corner bathroom web

Peter more blues, reds and browns. Both go great with the space. Plus it is OK to mix and match your bathroom décor too…

peter's corner bathroom web

Since the kids are now in that stage of beauty and making sure we look good before going out – I updated their caddy in the bathroom as well – to have all their supplies at their figure tips. The key with teenagers I am finding is having all the items they need everyday accessible. It makes everything much smoother.

kids caddy web

I am lucky this bathroom has a lot of storage with 3 drawers and two door cabinets underneath to hold all their supplies and linens.

So all in I think this bathroom update only cost me $100 dollars. Here is the breakdown.

Trim for the mirror $20.00 from Mr. Seconds.
Material for the window – $14.00 from
Towels 60.00 – from Homegoods
Caddy – $5.00 Target
Paint – free – from other projects.

How do your teenagers get along – do they argue when they get ready in the morning – are they sharing a bathroom too – how have you created a gender-neutral space?


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