Even a Mudroom Needs a Facelift

The stenciled walls of the hall - web

So I know this is really not a mudroom – but it is the area in our house that we keep all our stuff….kid’s coats, shoes, backpacks and Linus our dog’s den at night. This summer I spruced up the space by painting it and stenciling it…..

Now, I have to resist the urge to stencil the whole house since I figured out stenciling is really not that hard to do!!!

This hall is a major artery for our house – it is the hall that connects us to the laundry room, my office, the downstairs bathroom and to our garage….can you say “Grand Central?”

Even though this is not the main entrance to our home for guests it is for me and my family – so we deserve a little WOW factor too….that is why I went a little more sophisticated in this area

another view hallway web

This stenciling really turned out better than I thought. I really have fallen in love with the pattern and the color palette we went with which is darker colors than the rest of the house. When I walk to my office everyday or sit at our kitchen table and glance this way it makes me smile.

So since I redid the walls I thought I would spruce up some of the accessories in the room as well. One of the items that drove me crazy was the light fixture. It is just your standard flush mount silver fixture that we put in every hallway in the house.

hallways ligt before web

When building the house there were certain lights I really wanted and others that we had to buy so many of that I just went with what was the easiest and price friendly.  What we ended up with, when the dust settled, was these boob looking mounted light fixtures in all our hallways. Does everyone else think they look weird or is it just me?  Well, that is going to change this year – I am slowly moving these out!

I wanted a mini chandelier in the space – something that looked a little rustic but at the same time was not too tight to the ceiling. There were a couple of hours of googling over a couple of days to find the right one….I really liked this one but it was too expensive, then this one caught my eye, but it was gold – and that would not work…

Finally I found this light – it was the right color and $100 dollars – off to the check out cart it went…It reminds me of a lantern. Installing the light was a funny story – so I think if Steve “The Hubby” is up for writing another blog I will have him put his thoughts together on that one….

New Hallway light

The light looks awesome and actually produces a tremendous amount of light – so this area no longer looks dark – but sparkles in all the wonderful rays of light…

New Hallway light on web

I also updated the material on our message board…before it was a floral that went with the nameless neutral color – but now I wanted something fun.

Message board web

I don’t know if you remember but I originally bought this material to be considered as a curtain for our bathroom – it was a finalist but I went with the floral….

Poll picture of the curtians for master bathweb

This material looked perfect in the area and adds just a little bit of whimsy.

New rug in mudroom

Finally I updated our rug…I love indoor/outdoor rugs….I wanted something that can withstand the traffic of the space but have some funk too…I love Ballard Designs and when the catalog comes in the mail I hit the pause bottom and take a few minutes to look through the catalog. This is my first chevron print in the house. I went with a brown and cream to anchor the whole space – it is a little lighter but again with the walls being so dark is helps brighten up the space.

So even a mudroom – that does not have the pretty of names and usually is the drop zone of your house can have some class …..What does your mudroom look like?



  1. Looks great. I love how just updating a light fixture can change the whole feel of a room. And that rug is awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have a mudroom 😦

    • I totally agree – the light fixture really made the difference in the area….so glad the Hubby could figure out how to change it out!! Glad you liked the room – we really don’t have a mudroom either – I just call the hallway the mudroom since it is where the kids drop all their stuff 🙂

  2. Looks great! Love the stencilling 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing our link on your blog!! Have a great day!

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