Pictures are worth a 1000 words!

Chernee's 42nd bday cards both web2

So one of the reasons when I was younger that I like fall is that September is my birthday month! Now that I am older it could be one of the reasons why I don’t want summer to end.

Birthday’s in my family usually means getting the whole greater family together for a nice big meal, great baked goods that my Mom makes and exchanging of gifts and just hanging out!

Each year my Mom makes our cards – they could be a drawing that she has done about something that you like or a memory from our childhood or a picture of yourself. When I turned 40 my Mom put together a card of important moments of my life in an album.  When Peter, our son, turned the BIG 13 it was a picture of each year.  That one really brought on the tears!

I grew up in a house where pictures of us were covering the walls and all the surfaces. My mom always brings her camera with her – she calls it her “FRIEND”. There are times that we make fun of mom or pick on her for taking all the photos or grunt and grown when we have to gather around for another “family photo”.

Mom and Dad and all the grandkidsHere is the latest family shot on Sunday – kids are stilling smiling!

But this year for my birthday Mom gave me 2 photos of me that I have never seen before.

Chernee dancing as a kids web

One was at our first house and my memory of this space was totally wrong – first of all can you see that 70’s or probably 60’s wallpaper in the background?  WOW there is a lot going on there. I thought this space was painted white – and I thought I had an excellent memory – I am dancing – looking like I was having a good time – I don’t really remember dancing much as a kid.

The other photo was of me at one of my birthdays; maybe I was 6 or 7….Again, a photo that I could not remember – look at that outfit!

Older picture of me as a kids bday web

My Mom of course remembered all the details. It is fun to show your kids that you were small once too.  Anyway, these pictures are priceless. Pictures tell a story – or bring back a memory that was forever forgotten or craft a memory based on pictures you have.

notes from back of cards bday web

So if you are looking for a cool card- and have not gotten to the store as of late – create a photo card – say 1000 words to your friend – create a memory – it is priceless.

Thanks Mom for filling our lives with priceless moments that we will never forgot with all your great photos…now if only I had your camera!



  1. You are totally worth it! You are welcome. love, Mom

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