Conquering the art of Stenciling- Casablanca Trellis Moroccan Style

Do you like to stencil?  I my opinion it really is a form of art. It is one of the DIY projects where you really have to think out your plan and process before you begin. Which is not how I usually do a project; I just jump right in.

So a couple of months ago I tried my hand at stenciling. Emma and I were going to stencil the drawers of this dresser in my room. It was a total disaster and we only finished one drawer. Which by the way I think looks really cool. I made so many mistakes it is hard to list them all. But my two major takeaways were:

1). Invest in a good stencil. I have used Royal Design Studio’s and really like their products.
2). Plot out the area you are going to be stenciling first, and understand your stencil’s patterns in order to repeat the pattern effectively.

So one of my summer projects was to spruce up my “mudroom hall” as a I like to call it. The is the entry point of our house from the garage – and a huge traffic area for us.

Layout of the mudroom hall web

It’s also the wing of the house that has our 1/2 bath, laundry room and office, plus a huge closet for all the kid’s jackets and shoes and where we store our backpacks and have our message boards. Plus our little dog Linus sleeps in this area at night. It has a lot going on.

Another view of the hall with bathroom and office view before web

It was painted this unknown neutral that I have mentioned before. It is too light for this space and shows all the scuffs and fingerprints of the kids. I must use a one of those fabulous Mr Clean bars monthly on these walls – so enough is enough.

My original thought was to add bead board to the walls and do a two toned look. Like I saw here on Pinterest. But after thinking it over and doing some more research on bead boarding I think we are going to try it in our powder room – it already has that shabby chic vibe. So I decided to take on stenciling instead.

I purchased this great pattern from Royal Design Studios  – their site is it is called Casablanca Trellis Moroccan. It comes in a21x28.75 overlay size sheet – pretty nice size. And really holds up well through the whole process.

I then was thinking about color – I really wanted something funky when you enter the house, so I went with Sparrow from Benjamin Moore. I was helping my brother and sister-in-law with their kitchen colors this winter and came across this color on Benjamin Moore’s web site.

Kitchen_3_round 1


It was painted on a buffet and it really caught my eye… Here is the picture. Their kitchen came out awesome. When looking on their site they recommended camouflage as well as a complimentary color they also used in their kitchen. You can see their suggested color here. So I went with sparrow on the  walls and camouflage as the stencil.

I started in the upper most right corner of the room. And worked my way down and then over like this.

Process of stenciling mudroom eb

I read a couple of posts first and they really recommend using a roller which I did and really worked well. The trick is to not put a lot of paint on the roller and either take the excess paint off by rolling on a paper towel or I just went a couple of more times on the tray. I also taped the stencil secure to the wall with painting tape. One of the other lessons I learned is if you don’t adequately secure the stencil you will increase the chances of the pattern smudging and the stencil moving.

matching pattern web

By not having a lot of paint on the roller it allows the paint to dry faster. I probably waited about 5 minutes or so in between sections to apply the paint. Now for my first room to stencil I thought this was going to be quick and not take much time at all – even though it was a small space with all the door ways which there were 4 plus the double closet it took about 5 hours or so. There were so many nooks and crannies that really took time planning and working around the security system and motion system.

The space really turned out great. I was really pleased with the color. I only had to apply one coat of the sparrow.

Walls just painted sparrow

There were a few spots that the camouflage ran so I just used a small brush with the left over sparrow paint and touched it up. I let the corners fade for effect as well. Now the space looks like wallpaper, which I love. In our 1st house I had an artist Aimee Freeling stripe our walls. I always loved that look and now I was able to do something similar.

The stenciled walls of the hall - web

I was a little concerned at first about painting such a narrow and unlit space a dark color but with the lighting and the white trim and doors for contrast the area does not feel dark at all.

Corner of the stenciled wall web

So my advice when stenciling is take your time. Invest in a really good stencil and be ready to think and use some math!! But in the end you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and have great looking walls.

Where have tried stenciling in your house – where do you like to buy your stencils from? What design do you like the best?



  1. Love how it turned out!

  2. That came out great.


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