Who Painted Pepto Bismol all over Emma’s Walls?

So – I have mentioned a couple of times this summer that one of our projects was painting and updating Emma’s room from a pre teen room to a Teenager Diva room.

As a parent you have to pick your battles. My daughter and I  both have strong personalities – so this could have been the battle of the will  – but I decided this was Emma’s room and really let her drive many of the design decisions with her room – and you know what – she really has great ideas!

This spring when I was out at a local vintage shop I came across this great chair, we had been looking for a colored office chair for Emma’s desk – it was really the stepping of point for the whole color theme of Emma’s room.

Emma's desk chair web

The chair was an awesome purplish/pinkish color, and it was only $19 dollars, the dealer said he had it in the store less than 20 hours.

So when I brought it home – Emma loved it! So we decided to pick colors around this chair – as I have mentioned before – when you are starting to design a space you need a jumping off point – and this was it!

Emma’s all along wanted a colorful room – she loves to paint and is very artistic and loves fashion – so loud colors are her thing.

We were thinking of painting the room a solid pink color and then have a feature wall – see what is a feature wall here – of stripes and different shades of pinks and purples. That was the plan for about 2 months. Then I stenciled our downstairs mudroom and Emma helped me with this project – stay tuned to see how the mudroom turned out next week, and came up with the idea of stenciling flowers in her room. Emma loves drawing flowers – that is one of her signature paintings so it fit her personality.

We went on Royal Design Studio and came up with this pattern for the flowers, Big Bloomers Stencil Design. So instead of different color stripes we are going to do different color flower blooms.

Well, the original color was going to be Pink Chintz by Behr – during the summer I got a head start in painting Emma’s furniture. I wanted the furniture to be all different colors to create a vintage eclectic vibe in the space. Emma loves pulling different pieces together that normally would not go…and what we have spoken about before as long as there is a common thread that can work in the space.

So when we finally went to Lowes (Emma loves looking at paint swatches) we went in with a plan that Pink Chintz by Behr was going to be the main color. As I was speaking with the individual at the paint counter she had a change of heart and we moved to Pink Carnation by Pantone Universe as the main color. Since I was in the middle of a conversation I quickly glanced at the color and thought it would go ok.

So Labor day weekend I got up really early and decided to take on her room – with the help of my hubby we moved all her stuff (which is a ton) to the middle of her room. We had some patching to do. This was my first patching job, which went ok. Emma likes to tack things up on her wall, plus there was some house settling that occurred.

Emma's room being painted web

Once all the patching dried and we sanded it I started on the walls. I had some helpers – Emma helped roll the paint as well as the Hubby and then I did all the edging.

Emma on her side painting the room

It took 3 coats of paint for her walls – I don’t know if I really like Valspar paint by Lowes. I liked how Sherwin Williams paint covers the walls with less coats.

So the color of the wall – I would describe it as someone spilled Pepto Bismol all over her wall! Can you say PINK – and LOUD PINK – that is how I would describe the color. It sure woke me up that morning! But I had to keep reminding myself that this is Emma’s room not mine. With the change of color – some of the other pinks we chose for furniture clashed with Pink Carnation. So we have some repainting to do there.

Emma's room in process web

We freshened up all the trim in the room – I have painted all the house Journal White by Ralph Lauren. The white really pops off the pink very nicely. Emma wanted to do something different with her doors. She did not want them white – she decided on a shade of purple. We picked Exotic Bloom by Behr for the doors. This took many coats for the door – I think 4 to get the right color of the paint chip and to cover the white! Maybe I should have purchased a primer first – lesson learned.

Emma's purple door web

The stencil arrived yesterday. So this weekend Emma and I will be confirming all the colors we are going to be using for the flower blooms and tackling the stencils for the walls. Looking forward to seeing all the flowers bloom coming to life around her room!



  1. First of all I want to say Bravo to you, and I love it for a girls room she has great taste! My daughter (now 23) was allowed to pick all her paint colors and fabric choices, on a budget, for her room at age 13. She learned to scrape wall paper, clean paint brushes, paint edgings and trim. I never worked in her room without her. I’m very particular about painting, but I knew this was a teaching moment and confidence builder for her. At the time my entire house was very neutral, her bed/bath were as bold as you can go an India/Moroccan theme. She is now a very creative young lady and loves to craft. So keep showing off your daughters room and taking pride in her choices. You’re a great mom!!!

    • Thank you so much – I really appreciate it! I am very proud of her decorating sense – I would not be surprised if she ends up in some type of design or fashion outlet for her career – this week we will be sharing more updates about her room and home it is coming together!

      Thank you very much for stopping by the blog 🙂

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