Putting the Masterbath Back together! The Revial

The bathroom update photo web

Adding the finishing details to a space is my favorite part of a room design.

I really enjoyed selecting the accessories for this space and it is interesting looking back to see how the space evolved over time and during this mini renovation.

So to recap, I decided to paint the walls Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, which was an impulse color choice, normally this would be a color I would be drawn to for furniture, not for a wall. But I am very happy with how it makes the room feel.

Front view of the mirror framed master web

Then I tackled the vanity by painting it Silvermist – 3 colors later and added the framed mirror -see how we made the improvements here and here?

View of the whole vanity web

So once the room was painted I decided I wanted new artwork for the space – currently I had these nice prints of seashells but they were really neutral in color and I thought since the color was so bright and cheery and made me think of the ocean I needed to go with a crisp white look for frames.

I should take a step back and let you know that the tile work in our bathroom is neutral – from the floor to the massive shower we have – So off to Homegoods I go – had a great time finding cute items for the space – found some great checkered towels with the color of the walls, a couple of cute beachy prints, new soap dispensers, this really cool antique wall décor and I think that is it…So excited to get home and hang up the new items. Low and behold – the white artwork looked horrible. Too white – which I was surprised. This should have been my first clue that I should not paint the vanity white or cream…So I end up returning the artwork but keep all the wonderful new finds.

New shower curtain master web

Then when we were at our cottage in Ithaca I was at Target and found this
perfect shower curtain. It had all the right colors and even though the background of the fabric is white it goes really goes well in the space.  I know what you’re thinking:  odd that the shower curtain white worked when the artwork didn’t.  I was thinking the same thing!

Upclose of the shower curtain web

So I used this curtain and the fun sun burst shapes as the jumping off point for the rest of the space.

For curtains I really debated if I should make a framed valance using wood or should sew one.  I never really loved the curtain rod and the silver finials at the end but they were already intact and I thought I would catch myself a break with this one and just make a valance. I used the valance that was already there as a pattern and just turned over the material about and inch on the bottom and 1/2 inch on the sides. For the top I allotted enough room to make a loop to hang it with which was about 2 1/2 inches as well.

For the material for the valance I had so much fun shopping on Onlinefabric.com for material. I had a hard time narrowing it down, so what I end up doing was ordering 5 different patters to make my selection.

The 5 fabric samples for the master bath

When they came it was on a large bolt and layered. So peeling them off was like Christmas morning for me!  I just love fabric!

Once I narrowed it down to 2 I had a poll on Facebook.

Poll picture of the curtians for master bathweb

And the winner was this great floral piece. When looking at all the patterns my thought process was I wanted both the color minty green (or Sea Salt) and a dark brown to pull from the shower curtain. But I did not want the patterns to be the same – I thought about just buying another shower curtain to match – but that would have been to matchy!

So my friends on Facebook selected this awesome piece, which was the choice I was going to go with. Glad we think alike!

Corner of the bathroom web
So I am going to use the leftover materials for pillows and other projects around the house – most of them were only 7 dollars a yard – I did splurge on one piece that was 20 – which just so happens to be one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I have seen in awhile.
For wall art I had this fleur-de-lis that I ordered from joss and main awhile back. It was just sitting on my bedroom floor for months.  So on impulse as I was shopping around my house for art I thought I would give it a try and loved it.

Sneak Peak of the Master Bath web

The shell prints I had in the bathroom already that I bought at Homegoods or Marshall’s many years ago still went great with the space – they tuned down the room and picked up the neutrals of the floor and shower!
For accessories on my counter I went all silver – I know, matchy match, but I do have a thing that for double sinks all accessories have to match. I like the silver against the white and when with a shiny vs. matte finish on the accessories for a little pop against all the white.

Silver accessories of master web

For knobs I originally bought these awesome knobs from Anthropology. Aren’t the just beautiful? This is when I though the cabinets would be cream white. So I was really bummed that they no longer went with the vanity – since they picked up on the color and also the sun burst feel of the curtain – trying to tie in all the elements here. So instead of returning them – I have this cabinet in the space that had just simple silver knobs and changed them out and now the piece looks fabulous with the new hardware – you never know when inspiration will strike!

Master bath knobs aqua

To add a little warmth to the cabinet in the bathroom I also painted the back area of the space Comfort Grey, which was one of the sample colors we looked at for the wall. I have had these items in the bathroom since we moved in and they are just items I have collected over the years. The prints used to hang in our old master bath.

Shelf in bathroom web

For the vanity to keep up with the silver theme I used mercury glass knobs that I found at Anthropology.  They looked a little smaller in the store but I really like how they look against the Silvermist color which has just enough grey undertone in the piece.

Bathroom silver knobs web

The other drawer pulls is a funny story – they started out silver – then I spray painted them minty green to go with the white cabinet look and had to spray paint them back silver when everything changed!

Middle drawers web

Thank goodness for spray paint! And they turned out awesome – you would never know.

So even though the vanity kicked me in the butt for a bit this bathroom has a spa like feel which is so refreshing in the morning when you are barely awake.

Here is the breakdown on cost for this bathroom redo:

Paint- 30 dollars
Shower curtain 16.88
Quart of paint for the vanity 16.00
Valance 7.98
New accessories for the sink 30.00
Knobs for the variety and cabinet 80.00

And a lot of sweat and maybe a few tears 🙂

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  1. This turned out great! Nice job.

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