A Quick DIY Project to Improve Any Bathroom – Framing up your Mirror!

Do you have builder mirrors in your house?  – we have 2 long slabs of mirrors in both our upstairs bathrooms. I have been staring into that mirror for the past 8 years and boy is it plain as the night is dark!

I have always wanted to update the mirror – ideally take it out and replace it with something like this….

When designing our bathroom my original idea was two mirrors over each sink with a light fixture over each. But when laying out the measurements with the builder our wall was not the right dimension to have it look centered. So the big old mirror when up instead.

2013-07-10 17.29.14

I have mentioned that Steve and I are not handy. So framing out the mirror never seemed like a reality or something we could figure out doing on our own. I came across this post on Pinterest (surprise surprise) that showed an easy way to frame out the mirror so we did not have to miter the edge but instead we just had to cut a straight line and use decorative rosette corner molding.

So my Sister came to the rescue one afternoon with her circular saw in hand. We made the measurements for the mirror, then figured out how and where we wanted the decorative molding to sit – on the mirror or a little off center.

 jamie thinking about decorative modeling web

Then Jamie and I made our cuts. She used a square to made her straight line and we made the 4 cuts.

the level for the mirror web

We ended up buying already primed molding from Mr. Seconds. I liked the decorative lines on them better then the ones from Home Depot.

the saw web


We then used Mirror Mastic (it worked awesome) adhesive recommended by the folks at Lowes that is used just for mirrors. We used one tube for our mirror and I have to say the product worked great!

bottom frame of mirror web

We then used painter’s tape as a way to hold the pieces of molding on the mirror for 24 hours so they would not fall out of place. I then bought my first caulk gun and caulked up any small gaps we had!

taping up the mirror - web

mirror waiting to dry web


Finally I painted 3 coats of paint – Pot of Cream by Bauer on the mirror – and we were done!

Antoher view of framed mirror web

other cornerweb


The funny thing about this project is it only took my Sister and I about an hour or so to do the whole thing. My Hubby was on a conference call the whole time – did not even know what we were up to…then that night when he went to bed – he was like “where did that come from?”….Sister power in action!

We are looking forward to framing our kid’s bathroom once my Sister is back from vacation. We are going to be Dare Devils and miter the edges this time – looking forward to sharing how that project goes later this month!



  1. Huh! What a great idea! I never thought about this. Thanks!

  2. Perfect! Now change your burnt out light bulbs!!

  3. Love it!

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