An unexpected Curtain Update

Happy Monday Everyone! What a weekend! I have been busy working on our master bathroom, and to be honest the decorating gods have been working against me.  I cannot seem to get the right color for the vanity.  We are currently on color number three but it is finally coming together – thank goodness! I was about to give up! Plus I began an Aunt again! What an awesome time!

When selecting fabric for the window treatment in our master bath I wanted something fun and airy feeling since the color has a whimsical vibe. When shopping for fabric I came across this awesome pattern called Premier Prints Barer Taupe/Robin, I just loved it.

birds fabric web

I ordered 3 yards even though I only really need less than one. When it arrived the fabric was too muted for the bathroom – but walking through the bedroom a huge lighting bolt of an idea went off – the blue in the birds matched perfectly with my overstuffed chair. So I hung the fabric on the rod, took a step back, and realized this material would look awesome as curtains for the bedroom!

Our bedroom is pretty big – about 500 square feet. We have 3 large sets of windows. I have gone through 3 versions of window treatments in this room over the years.


It has become a pricey endeavour because I need at least 6 panels at 54 inches wide to cover up the windows at night.

What was also appealing about this fabric is that it was only $7.59 a yard. For the quality and design I found this to be an excellent value.  So I went for it and ordered enough yardage to do the whole room.

Now if you remember on my Spring to do list I am still behind on one final action item and that is raising the curtain height in our room. The rods are currently too low. In figuring out the new length, I took that into consideration and made the overall curtains 95 inches long. I wanted a little draping on the bottom.

I then researched what type of curtains I wanted. I really like the french pleat but after watching a couple of tutorials on the process – figuring 6 panels of work I decided against it. Way over my head and patience level. But I did come across a blog on how to create a french pleat look by using curtain rings and thought I would give it a try.

Also since we get a lot if light in this room I needed to line the curtains as well. Turning to Pintrest I came across a cost-effective way to line the curtains too.

Here is what I did. Since I knew the curtains should be 95 inches long for each panel I cut each one panel 100 inches to start.

The role of material for upstairs curtains  web

Taking into account that I wanted the top  of the curtain to fold down about 3 inches and the bottom about 2 inches, since I needed as much width as possible I only went in on each side about 1/2 inch.

I started this project last weekend, in between painting the vanity in our bathroom. It took maybe 5 hours throughout the weekend to finish with many helpers. To line the curtains I read both on House of Hepworths and Centsational Girl to use twin sheets as the liner. I got lucky! There were 6 left at Wal-Mart and they were 4 dollars a piece!  Score!!!

When using the sheets you have to rip out the top seems to get the additional length so Emma and the Hubby helped me out there.

Steve ripping out the the hem on sheets web

According to Allison over at House of Hepworths you need to iron the sheets first, my mother in law helped me out with a couple of the panels in this area.

Then I laid the sheet on top of each panel and took all the measurements.

Chernee aligning the sheet to the material web

Now if you know me I am not one to love all the pre work. Measuring, folding etc… But using all the pins and working on one panel at a time really helped the process.

Pinning the curtains web

Also, lining the material did make the panels pretty heavy to work with so when sewing one of the kids helped hold the panels too which was really helpful.

Linus helping with the curtains web

Finally, I bought 8 packets of silver rings, 2 packs extra because I wanted the pleats to be in smaller increments for a more traditional look. I laid the rings first on the material and then just pinched the material up at the right spot and attached the rings and voila! you have a fake pleat. Perfect!

The material looks awesome.

New master curtains setting area web

It was weird going from a solid color to a pattern because it could make the room look too busy since we needed 6 panels.

sitting area and other side window web

But it actually did the opposite. it make the room look brighter and airy. I love them and I am very proud that they turned out so nice!!

dresser with the curtains web

Now all I need to do is figure out why I love fabric with birds on them. This is something that I am not normally drawn to – I now have 2 areas in my house with fabric birds: the guest room and now our bedroom. It is the invasion of the birds at the Vitello’s household!

One panel by the blue chair web

So you never know when you make a purchase where it will end up and what will trigger a new inspiration. This was not on my summer goal list but glad that the idea happened and now our room has awesome new curtains!

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  1. I really love your new curtains. It is a beautiful room.

  2. I’m so envious of people clever enough to make their own curtains! Great job and lovely fabric!

  3. That looks great. The new print really warms up the space.

    • Thanks – I know – I thought the curtains would make the room feel cooler – but it did the opposite effect. Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a good weekend.


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