Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary

If you read any design book they suggest that you should have certain pieces in your home that are “conversation pieces”. A piece that might have some history, a family heirloom, or a cool funky vintage find. A piece that stops a visitor in their tracks and wants to know where you got it – what the history is…

It could take some time to find such a piece, so why not make one on your own? Every ordinary piece of furniture, in my opinion, has the potential to become something fabulous. You just need to think outside the box.

Pinterest is a great place to start the DIY wheels turning for inspirational ideas…they are so many creative people out there….In my mind one of the easiest ways to help a piece of furniture become fab is with paint!

Here are some great examples of furniture pieces that I love on Pinterest and how the bloggers took a regular piece of furniture that you can buy in a store or on Craigslist and turned it into the Wow factor.





These folks used paint and hardware to make these pieces a key part of their overall room design. You might ask how do you go about upcycling a piece? To me the easiest way is through paint. There are so many great painting techniques and mediums out there today. From using Latex, to chalk paint to spray painting in all the wonderful colors…

Here is how I went about making this piece a Wow piece for my hall. AS I mentioned last week in our Weekly Round Up I finally found an occassional table for our entry in our hall.  It had to be under 29 inches wide, I wanted drawers for storage and some nice lines. Ideally I was hoping for vintage but after a couple of months I got impatient and was on the lookout for a new piece.  But they were too expensive and the type of table I wanted was in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 dollars. You can see it here by Ballard Designs. I did not want to spend that kind of cash on an occassional piece of furniture for that area of the house.

So I was in Kirklands on the spur of the moment looking actually for a tray for my bedroom and saw this table. It was exactly the style and size that I needed – I did a little dance in my head! Then it was on sale marked down to $100 dollars – another little dance – plus Kirland’s has a new app that if you use it you get a further discount – all in all with tax it was a hundred dollars. SOLD!

The only thing that I did not like about the piece is the color. It was a yellowish cream – my entryway is  a creamy/kahki color and it would not give the “wow” factor I was looking for in my entry. So I decided to create the “wow” on my own.

When figuring out what type of painting technique I am going to use on a piece of furniture, I think about where is the piece going to be in my house, what is the wood like?  The color and lines? – most important to me are the lines. If the piece does not have any decorative elements I am more than likely going to just paint it with latex – there is nothing to distress or emphasize.

50's dresser painted 1

If the piece is a darker tone and has some good lines I am more than likely going to distress it. I like how the darker wood bleeds through the paint when you distress it vs a lighter color of wood for some reason.

Dresser in the room

Then I think about the color – again where is the piece going to reside? – what colors are in the room can I pull from? – do I want it to stick out or blend into the room?

Foyer table and mirror web

What other things can I change about the piece to make it unique and my own, making it multiple colors, changing the knobs – which is one of my favorite things to do, adding a stencil, fabric, you name it, it can be down.

Two Guestroom dresser side by side web

If you are just starting out – I would start with a color – maybe going louder and then adding some fun new knobs. You can buy knobs anywhere today. I love knobs at Anthropologie – they are just awesome – and have a great selection. But they are pricey – if I am doing a piece for my house – I am more open to invest in expensive hardware – if I am redoing a piece to sell – I will more than likely buy middle of the line or redo the knobs that came with  the piece.

For this hall piece – I really lucked out – these knobs look really expensive and make the piece Fab in my opinion and I bought 4 of them in a packet for 7 dollars at my good friend Home Goods!  Again a spur of the moment purchase when I was actually returning a couple of items, I was in line waiting to check out and there they were !

Flower knobs on foyer table

So don’t be afraid to take a piece that you find in a store – that anyone can have and make it your own. I have received some awesome compliments when people come to the front door, it has the impact I was looking for – plus great storage and I can tell them I made it!


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