SeaSalt by the Bathroom Wall

Change is sometimes is hard to do. My Mom always reminds that when I was a child I did not like change at all. I realized that my hubby and I have been living with the same bathroom color for 15 yrs. Boy, that is a long time and also make me sound very old! The color we had was called Martha Stewart, Stone White, which is a nice neutral that would work in any room.

Stone White Color Bathroom web

I picked the color when Martha had her paint at Kmart! I was picking so many colors when we built our house by the time we were thinking about bathroom colors I was on overload and could not make a decision – which usually I have no problem doing. So I loved our old bathroom color and deceived to just use it again. Just because you have a new house does not mean you have to have all new colors.

So fast forward we needed a change. Since I finally finalized all the fabric and colors for our bedroom I wanted to bring some of that color into our bathroom.


I used these two fabric pieces as my jumping off point when looking at swatches.

So when I was on Pinterst I think I have pinned this color Wythe Blue like 10 times. It worked well with the swatches -so before I bought the paint I thought I would try a sample first.

Wythe Blue Paint color chip web

We do not have a Benjamin Moore paint store near by so I went online – I love their web site by the way – it is so easy to use! And picked up a couple of sample colors. They come in these cute little cans and shipped the same day!

They even came with little disposable paint brushes so I could just throw them away when done! They thought of everything!

I am a firm believer that if you are making a major change you need to live with the color first to make sure you really love it. When you think about it – you spend a lot of time in your bathroom and it is one of the first areas you see in the morning so I needed the right color!

So you know me, I got up first thing and slapped some paint on the wall – all three colors .

Ben Moore Paint Color test run web

Wythe Blue, Revere Pewter and Palladian Blue. I knew instantly that the Wythe blue was not the right color for the space – it was too loud – when building the house we put in a huge master shower and the stonework is neutral and it just made the room feel small to me. I needed to go lighter! But the Palladian Blue which is a  lighter color that I picked as well was too cold feeling – I needed something in the middle.

We have a Sherwin Williams store in town – I did the same thing I did on the Benjamin Moore website.  I called them up and ordered 5 colors and picked up some samples later that day. They were Comfort Grey, which the Hubby really liked, SilverMist, Copen Blue and SeaSalt which was an impulse, game time call. I did not wait till the am to paint – they went up on the wall right away. Then I realized I ordered 3 colors that were very similar and one impulse that was lighter.

Sherwin Williams Paint Samples bathroom web

Can you guess which color I chose?  You guessed it! – the impulse color, SeaSalt at Sherwin Williams.  I just loved the tones – it was not too bright and not too dark! So I went with it!

Since we have this shower our kids like using our bathroom over theirs.  They do not think it is fair that their shower is so tiny compared to ours, so our bathroom is a high volume area. I decided to invest in the higher quality paint that Sherwin Williams offers for bathrooms. It was more expensive but I think worth it in the long run.

We have a pretty nice size bathroom – it took the morning to get the project done! I did need to paint 2 coats and it sure gave me quite a workout – get up and down the ladder – on top of the vanity to get to all the corners. At first the color went on really light and I was nervous about the decision but after the second coat and it dried it looks fine.

The color has been up for about two weeks – it is so clean and fresh feeling. I love how our white trim, journal white by Ralph Lauren, stands out against the SeaSalt color. The bathroom feels very beachy, if that is a word, and that is how I would describe it!

Sneak Peak of the Master Bath web

Up next is painting the vanity – something I have wanted to do for a while. I have been debating if I would like to paint it a crisp cream color or go with more of a shabby chic look and use Annie Sloan Old White! I think I will need to get a test board and give it a try!

What is your favorite bathroom color?


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