Putting the Masterbath Back together! The Revial

The bathroom update photo web

Adding the finishing details to a space is my favorite part of a room design.

I really enjoyed selecting the accessories for this space and it is interesting looking back to see how the space evolved over time and during this mini renovation.

So to recap, I decided to paint the walls Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, which was an impulse color choice, normally this would be a color I would be drawn to for furniture, not for a wall. But I am very happy with how it makes the room feel.

Front view of the mirror framed master web

Then I tackled the vanity by painting it Silvermist – 3 colors later and added the framed mirror -see how we made the improvements here and here?

View of the whole vanity web

So once the room was painted I decided I wanted new artwork for the space – currently I had these nice prints of seashells but they were really neutral in color and I thought since the color was so bright and cheery and made me think of the ocean I needed to go with a crisp white look for frames.

I should take a step back and let you know that the tile work in our bathroom is neutral – from the floor to the massive shower we have – So off to Homegoods I go – had a great time finding cute items for the space – found some great checkered towels with the color of the walls, a couple of cute beachy prints, new soap dispensers, this really cool antique wall décor and I think that is it…So excited to get home and hang up the new items. Low and behold – the white artwork looked horrible. Too white – which I was surprised. This should have been my first clue that I should not paint the vanity white or cream…So I end up returning the artwork but keep all the wonderful new finds.

New shower curtain master web

Then when we were at our cottage in Ithaca I was at Target and found this
perfect shower curtain. It had all the right colors and even though the background of the fabric is white it goes really goes well in the space.  I know what you’re thinking:  odd that the shower curtain white worked when the artwork didn’t.  I was thinking the same thing!

Upclose of the shower curtain web

So I used this curtain and the fun sun burst shapes as the jumping off point for the rest of the space.

For curtains I really debated if I should make a framed valance using wood or should sew one.  I never really loved the curtain rod and the silver finials at the end but they were already intact and I thought I would catch myself a break with this one and just make a valance. I used the valance that was already there as a pattern and just turned over the material about and inch on the bottom and 1/2 inch on the sides. For the top I allotted enough room to make a loop to hang it with which was about 2 1/2 inches as well.

For the material for the valance I had so much fun shopping on Onlinefabric.com for material. I had a hard time narrowing it down, so what I end up doing was ordering 5 different patters to make my selection.

The 5 fabric samples for the master bath

When they came it was on a large bolt and layered. So peeling them off was like Christmas morning for me!  I just love fabric!

Once I narrowed it down to 2 I had a poll on Facebook.

Poll picture of the curtians for master bathweb

And the winner was this great floral piece. When looking at all the patterns my thought process was I wanted both the color minty green (or Sea Salt) and a dark brown to pull from the shower curtain. But I did not want the patterns to be the same – I thought about just buying another shower curtain to match – but that would have been to matchy!

So my friends on Facebook selected this awesome piece, which was the choice I was going to go with. Glad we think alike!

Corner of the bathroom web
So I am going to use the leftover materials for pillows and other projects around the house – most of them were only 7 dollars a yard – I did splurge on one piece that was 20 – which just so happens to be one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I have seen in awhile.
For wall art I had this fleur-de-lis that I ordered from joss and main awhile back. It was just sitting on my bedroom floor for months.  So on impulse as I was shopping around my house for art I thought I would give it a try and loved it.

Sneak Peak of the Master Bath web

The shell prints I had in the bathroom already that I bought at Homegoods or Marshall’s many years ago still went great with the space – they tuned down the room and picked up the neutrals of the floor and shower!
For accessories on my counter I went all silver – I know, matchy match, but I do have a thing that for double sinks all accessories have to match. I like the silver against the white and when with a shiny vs. matte finish on the accessories for a little pop against all the white.

Silver accessories of master web

For knobs I originally bought these awesome knobs from Anthropology. Aren’t the just beautiful? This is when I though the cabinets would be cream white. So I was really bummed that they no longer went with the vanity – since they picked up on the color and also the sun burst feel of the curtain – trying to tie in all the elements here. So instead of returning them – I have this cabinet in the space that had just simple silver knobs and changed them out and now the piece looks fabulous with the new hardware – you never know when inspiration will strike!

Master bath knobs aqua

To add a little warmth to the cabinet in the bathroom I also painted the back area of the space Comfort Grey, which was one of the sample colors we looked at for the wall. I have had these items in the bathroom since we moved in and they are just items I have collected over the years. The prints used to hang in our old master bath.

Shelf in bathroom web

For the vanity to keep up with the silver theme I used mercury glass knobs that I found at Anthropology.  They looked a little smaller in the store but I really like how they look against the Silvermist color which has just enough grey undertone in the piece.

Bathroom silver knobs web

The other drawer pulls is a funny story – they started out silver – then I spray painted them minty green to go with the white cabinet look and had to spray paint them back silver when everything changed!

Middle drawers web

Thank goodness for spray paint! And they turned out awesome – you would never know.

So even though the vanity kicked me in the butt for a bit this bathroom has a spa like feel which is so refreshing in the morning when you are barely awake.

Here is the breakdown on cost for this bathroom redo:

Paint- 30 dollars
Shower curtain 16.88
Quart of paint for the vanity 16.00
Valance 7.98
New accessories for the sink 30.00
Knobs for the variety and cabinet 80.00

And a lot of sweat and maybe a few tears 🙂

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Oh the Vanity – 3 paint colors later!

How to paint your vanirty - web

Did you ever have a project look perfect in your head but once you got going it did not turn out how you thought? This is what happened to our vanity. This was the final stage in our bathroom update, everything was going smoothly – loved the paint color – framed mirror went up without a hitch – found the perfect shower curtains and window treatments ….so obviously I knew what I was doing and the vanity would come out awesome….Right? WRONG!

The vaniety before web

After reading countless blogs about how to paint cabinets and deciding the look I wanted to have – I decided I would paint the cabinets Old White by Annie Sloan. I have been working with it for some time and really like the color.

When picking out the other items for the bathroom a true white was too bright – a softer cream looked really nice. Since the mirror was painted cream – the counter is white and so are the sink basins – I just thought old white would blend right in…I even painted a piece of molding so I could hold it up to make sure.

vanity painted old white and will all the junk web

Well I was totally wrong – when painted Old White the vanity looks too yellow against the white counter tops – it was too many shades of white competing with one another. I was not going to distress the cabinets because they were a lighter wood…So I needed to start over.

We came home from a dinner party and then I decided that I would paint it the same color as the mirror – Pot of Cream. Again I painted everything and when it was all dry it was too much of the same color and looked like a blob of white…but the knobs were fabulous…

Pot of cream with nice knobs  web

So back to the drawing board for the third time….I was thinking brown to pull from the curtains  – but I really don’t like dark wood and thought it would be too dark…I eventually would like to replace the counter top with a nice marble or granite slab with built in sink basins….but that was not in the budget this time around.

So I decided to go with a complementary color – I chose Silvermist by Sherwin Williams. I had purchased the color already – since it was one of the original colors Steve and I picked out for the bathroom and was on our test wall….

Sherwin Williams Paint Samples bathroom webThey are right next to each other in this picture – why did I not see this before! So I grabbed the can and painted another piece of molding and finally saw the light…this was the color!  In the mean time I was running around sewing the curtains for our bedroom so I was running from project to project. I was bummed that that fabulous knobs that I really used as a bouncing off point for our fabrics did not go – they clashed too much with the color. So when shopping for school clothes with the kids I picked up these mercury glass ones from Anthropologie for 10 dollars a piece. They are a little bit bigger than they appeared in the store when I got them but I like how the silver looks against the Silvermist color.

Bathroom silver knobs web

Here is a funny story – the middle draw handle pulls were orginally a silver – when I thought I was going cream I spray painted them aqua – then when I had to change the color – I had to spray paint them back silver  – Oh this Vanity!

Middle drawers web

This also gave me an opportunity to clean out our bathroom vanity…it stores all my hair products and more importantly all my make-up – did you know that I am a make-up junky at heart? ….you could not tell – because all you see me is in my painting clothes….

vanity painted old white and will all the junk SVweb

Make-up drawer

Anyway one of the things I like about doing these projects is it gives you an opportunity to organize and get rid of items. Under my Hubby’s sink alone I threw out 1 large garbage bag of junk!  I organized his cabinet and now he will be able to see what he is looking for – miracle.

Steve's organized vaniety area

Because the color gods were against me our bathroom has been a total mess for about a week – putting me a little bit on edge. It is hard looking around the floor to figure out what eyeliner you need or where you left the hairspray!

View of the whole vanity web

All in all I am pleased with our bathroom mini remodel. It looks fresh and clean and cheery. I love  how all the colors blend together and the new accessories.

A Quick DIY Project to Improve Any Bathroom – Framing up your Mirror!

Do you have builder mirrors in your house?  – we have 2 long slabs of mirrors in both our upstairs bathrooms. I have been staring into that mirror for the past 8 years and boy is it plain as the night is dark!

I have always wanted to update the mirror – ideally take it out and replace it with something like this….

When designing our bathroom my original idea was two mirrors over each sink with a light fixture over each. But when laying out the measurements with the builder our wall was not the right dimension to have it look centered. So the big old mirror when up instead.

2013-07-10 17.29.14

I have mentioned that Steve and I are not handy. So framing out the mirror never seemed like a reality or something we could figure out doing on our own. I came across this post on Pinterest (surprise surprise) that showed an easy way to frame out the mirror so we did not have to miter the edge but instead we just had to cut a straight line and use decorative rosette corner molding.

So my Sister came to the rescue one afternoon with her circular saw in hand. We made the measurements for the mirror, then figured out how and where we wanted the decorative molding to sit – on the mirror or a little off center.

 jamie thinking about decorative modeling web

Then Jamie and I made our cuts. She used a square to made her straight line and we made the 4 cuts.

the level for the mirror web

We ended up buying already primed molding from Mr. Seconds. I liked the decorative lines on them better then the ones from Home Depot.

the saw web


We then used Mirror Mastic (it worked awesome) adhesive recommended by the folks at Lowes that is used just for mirrors. We used one tube for our mirror and I have to say the product worked great!

bottom frame of mirror web

We then used painter’s tape as a way to hold the pieces of molding on the mirror for 24 hours so they would not fall out of place. I then bought my first caulk gun and caulked up any small gaps we had!

taping up the mirror - web

mirror waiting to dry web


Finally I painted 3 coats of paint – Pot of Cream by Bauer on the mirror – and we were done!

Antoher view of framed mirror web

other cornerweb


The funny thing about this project is it only took my Sister and I about an hour or so to do the whole thing. My Hubby was on a conference call the whole time – did not even know what we were up to…then that night when he went to bed – he was like “where did that come from?”….Sister power in action!

We are looking forward to framing our kid’s bathroom once my Sister is back from vacation. We are going to be Dare Devils and miter the edges this time – looking forward to sharing how that project goes later this month!

An unexpected Curtain Update

Happy Monday Everyone! What a weekend! I have been busy working on our master bathroom, and to be honest the decorating gods have been working against me.  I cannot seem to get the right color for the vanity.  We are currently on color number three but it is finally coming together – thank goodness! I was about to give up! Plus I began an Aunt again! What an awesome time!

When selecting fabric for the window treatment in our master bath I wanted something fun and airy feeling since the color has a whimsical vibe. When shopping for fabric I came across this awesome pattern called Premier Prints Barer Taupe/Robin, I just loved it.

birds fabric web

I ordered 3 yards even though I only really need less than one. When it arrived the fabric was too muted for the bathroom – but walking through the bedroom a huge lighting bolt of an idea went off – the blue in the birds matched perfectly with my overstuffed chair. So I hung the fabric on the rod, took a step back, and realized this material would look awesome as curtains for the bedroom!

Our bedroom is pretty big – about 500 square feet. We have 3 large sets of windows. I have gone through 3 versions of window treatments in this room over the years.


It has become a pricey endeavour because I need at least 6 panels at 54 inches wide to cover up the windows at night.

What was also appealing about this fabric is that it was only $7.59 a yard. For the quality and design I found this to be an excellent value.  So I went for it and ordered enough yardage to do the whole room.

Now if you remember on my Spring to do list I am still behind on one final action item and that is raising the curtain height in our room. The rods are currently too low. In figuring out the new length, I took that into consideration and made the overall curtains 95 inches long. I wanted a little draping on the bottom.

I then researched what type of curtains I wanted. I really like the french pleat but after watching a couple of tutorials on the process – figuring 6 panels of work I decided against it. Way over my head and patience level. But I did come across a blog on how to create a french pleat look by using curtain rings and thought I would give it a try.

Also since we get a lot if light in this room I needed to line the curtains as well. Turning to Pintrest I came across a cost-effective way to line the curtains too.

Here is what I did. Since I knew the curtains should be 95 inches long for each panel I cut each one panel 100 inches to start.

The role of material for upstairs curtains  web

Taking into account that I wanted the top  of the curtain to fold down about 3 inches and the bottom about 2 inches, since I needed as much width as possible I only went in on each side about 1/2 inch.

I started this project last weekend, in between painting the vanity in our bathroom. It took maybe 5 hours throughout the weekend to finish with many helpers. To line the curtains I read both on House of Hepworths and Centsational Girl to use twin sheets as the liner. I got lucky! There were 6 left at Wal-Mart and they were 4 dollars a piece!  Score!!!

When using the sheets you have to rip out the top seems to get the additional length so Emma and the Hubby helped me out there.

Steve ripping out the the hem on sheets web

According to Allison over at House of Hepworths you need to iron the sheets first, my mother in law helped me out with a couple of the panels in this area.

Then I laid the sheet on top of each panel and took all the measurements.

Chernee aligning the sheet to the material web

Now if you know me I am not one to love all the pre work. Measuring, folding etc… But using all the pins and working on one panel at a time really helped the process.

Pinning the curtains web

Also, lining the material did make the panels pretty heavy to work with so when sewing one of the kids helped hold the panels too which was really helpful.

Linus helping with the curtains web

Finally, I bought 8 packets of silver rings, 2 packs extra because I wanted the pleats to be in smaller increments for a more traditional look. I laid the rings first on the material and then just pinched the material up at the right spot and attached the rings and voila! you have a fake pleat. Perfect!

The material looks awesome.

New master curtains setting area web

It was weird going from a solid color to a pattern because it could make the room look too busy since we needed 6 panels.

sitting area and other side window web

But it actually did the opposite. it make the room look brighter and airy. I love them and I am very proud that they turned out so nice!!

dresser with the curtains web

Now all I need to do is figure out why I love fabric with birds on them. This is something that I am not normally drawn to – I now have 2 areas in my house with fabric birds: the guest room and now our bedroom. It is the invasion of the birds at the Vitello’s household!

One panel by the blue chair web

So you never know when you make a purchase where it will end up and what will trigger a new inspiration. This was not on my summer goal list but glad that the idea happened and now our room has awesome new curtains!

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Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary

If you read any design book they suggest that you should have certain pieces in your home that are “conversation pieces”. A piece that might have some history, a family heirloom, or a cool funky vintage find. A piece that stops a visitor in their tracks and wants to know where you got it – what the history is…

It could take some time to find such a piece, so why not make one on your own? Every ordinary piece of furniture, in my opinion, has the potential to become something fabulous. You just need to think outside the box.

Pinterest is a great place to start the DIY wheels turning for inspirational ideas…they are so many creative people out there….In my mind one of the easiest ways to help a piece of furniture become fab is with paint!

Here are some great examples of furniture pieces that I love on Pinterest and how the bloggers took a regular piece of furniture that you can buy in a store or on Craigslist and turned it into the Wow factor.





These folks used paint and hardware to make these pieces a key part of their overall room design. You might ask how do you go about upcycling a piece? To me the easiest way is through paint. There are so many great painting techniques and mediums out there today. From using Latex, to chalk paint to spray painting in all the wonderful colors…

Here is how I went about making this piece a Wow piece for my hall. AS I mentioned last week in our Weekly Round Up I finally found an occassional table for our entry in our hall.  It had to be under 29 inches wide, I wanted drawers for storage and some nice lines. Ideally I was hoping for vintage but after a couple of months I got impatient and was on the lookout for a new piece.  But they were too expensive and the type of table I wanted was in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 dollars. You can see it here by Ballard Designs. I did not want to spend that kind of cash on an occassional piece of furniture for that area of the house.

So I was in Kirklands on the spur of the moment looking actually for a tray for my bedroom and saw this table. It was exactly the style and size that I needed – I did a little dance in my head! Then it was on sale marked down to $100 dollars – another little dance – plus Kirland’s has a new app that if you use it you get a further discount – all in all with tax it was a hundred dollars. SOLD!

The only thing that I did not like about the piece is the color. It was a yellowish cream – my entryway is  a creamy/kahki color and it would not give the “wow” factor I was looking for in my entry. So I decided to create the “wow” on my own.

When figuring out what type of painting technique I am going to use on a piece of furniture, I think about where is the piece going to be in my house, what is the wood like?  The color and lines? – most important to me are the lines. If the piece does not have any decorative elements I am more than likely going to just paint it with latex – there is nothing to distress or emphasize.

50's dresser painted 1

If the piece is a darker tone and has some good lines I am more than likely going to distress it. I like how the darker wood bleeds through the paint when you distress it vs a lighter color of wood for some reason.

Dresser in the room

Then I think about the color – again where is the piece going to reside? – what colors are in the room can I pull from? – do I want it to stick out or blend into the room?

Foyer table and mirror web

What other things can I change about the piece to make it unique and my own, making it multiple colors, changing the knobs – which is one of my favorite things to do, adding a stencil, fabric, you name it, it can be down.

Two Guestroom dresser side by side web

If you are just starting out – I would start with a color – maybe going louder and then adding some fun new knobs. You can buy knobs anywhere today. I love knobs at Anthropologie – they are just awesome – and have a great selection. But they are pricey – if I am doing a piece for my house – I am more open to invest in expensive hardware – if I am redoing a piece to sell – I will more than likely buy middle of the line or redo the knobs that came with  the piece.

For this hall piece – I really lucked out – these knobs look really expensive and make the piece Fab in my opinion and I bought 4 of them in a packet for 7 dollars at my good friend Home Goods!  Again a spur of the moment purchase when I was actually returning a couple of items, I was in line waiting to check out and there they were !

Flower knobs on foyer table

So don’t be afraid to take a piece that you find in a store – that anyone can have and make it your own. I have received some awesome compliments when people come to the front door, it has the impact I was looking for – plus great storage and I can tell them I made it!

SeaSalt by the Bathroom Wall

Change is sometimes is hard to do. My Mom always reminds that when I was a child I did not like change at all. I realized that my hubby and I have been living with the same bathroom color for 15 yrs. Boy, that is a long time and also make me sound very old! The color we had was called Martha Stewart, Stone White, which is a nice neutral that would work in any room.

Stone White Color Bathroom web

I picked the color when Martha had her paint at Kmart! I was picking so many colors when we built our house by the time we were thinking about bathroom colors I was on overload and could not make a decision – which usually I have no problem doing. So I loved our old bathroom color and deceived to just use it again. Just because you have a new house does not mean you have to have all new colors.

So fast forward we needed a change. Since I finally finalized all the fabric and colors for our bedroom I wanted to bring some of that color into our bathroom.


I used these two fabric pieces as my jumping off point when looking at swatches.

So when I was on Pinterst I think I have pinned this color Wythe Blue like 10 times. It worked well with the swatches -so before I bought the paint I thought I would try a sample first.

Wythe Blue Paint color chip web

We do not have a Benjamin Moore paint store near by so I went online – I love their web site by the way – it is so easy to use! And picked up a couple of sample colors. They come in these cute little cans and shipped the same day!

They even came with little disposable paint brushes so I could just throw them away when done! They thought of everything!

I am a firm believer that if you are making a major change you need to live with the color first to make sure you really love it. When you think about it – you spend a lot of time in your bathroom and it is one of the first areas you see in the morning so I needed the right color!

So you know me, I got up first thing and slapped some paint on the wall – all three colors .

Ben Moore Paint Color test run web

Wythe Blue, Revere Pewter and Palladian Blue. I knew instantly that the Wythe blue was not the right color for the space – it was too loud – when building the house we put in a huge master shower and the stonework is neutral and it just made the room feel small to me. I needed to go lighter! But the Palladian Blue which is a  lighter color that I picked as well was too cold feeling – I needed something in the middle.

We have a Sherwin Williams store in town – I did the same thing I did on the Benjamin Moore website.  I called them up and ordered 5 colors and picked up some samples later that day. They were Comfort Grey, which the Hubby really liked, SilverMist, Copen Blue and SeaSalt which was an impulse, game time call. I did not wait till the am to paint – they went up on the wall right away. Then I realized I ordered 3 colors that were very similar and one impulse that was lighter.

Sherwin Williams Paint Samples bathroom web

Can you guess which color I chose?  You guessed it! – the impulse color, SeaSalt at Sherwin Williams.  I just loved the tones – it was not too bright and not too dark! So I went with it!

Since we have this shower our kids like using our bathroom over theirs.  They do not think it is fair that their shower is so tiny compared to ours, so our bathroom is a high volume area. I decided to invest in the higher quality paint that Sherwin Williams offers for bathrooms. It was more expensive but I think worth it in the long run.

We have a pretty nice size bathroom – it took the morning to get the project done! I did need to paint 2 coats and it sure gave me quite a workout – get up and down the ladder – on top of the vanity to get to all the corners. At first the color went on really light and I was nervous about the decision but after the second coat and it dried it looks fine.

The color has been up for about two weeks – it is so clean and fresh feeling. I love how our white trim, journal white by Ralph Lauren, stands out against the SeaSalt color. The bathroom feels very beachy, if that is a word, and that is how I would describe it!

Sneak Peak of the Master Bath web

Up next is painting the vanity – something I have wanted to do for a while. I have been debating if I would like to paint it a crisp cream color or go with more of a shabby chic look and use Annie Sloan Old White! I think I will need to get a test board and give it a try!

What is your favorite bathroom color?